Aaron Yoo

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Russell Kwon on The Tomorrow People


5/12/1979, East Brunswick, New Jersey, USA

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  • Aaron Yoo was born in 1979 in New Jersey. He is of Korean descent and had his first acting role in 2003 in an episode of Ed. Since then he has been in several movies including American Pastimes, Disturbia, 21 and The Wackness He was also on the short lived TV series The Bedford Diaries.



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    East Brunswick, New Jersey, USA

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    • Aaron Yoo: Doing Shakespeare in the Park has always been a dream. Everyone else says Hamlet, but I want to play Romeo.

    • Aaron Yoo:(On the acting business) I feel like after acting, the other half of why I love this business is the opportunity to work with and meet people who inspire you. That it pays my rent is a good bonus.

    • Aaron Yoo: There are, like, 10 people on the e-mail list [that sends me my schedule] - agents, assistants, my manager, my publicist. I'm exhausted. I have no personal life. But I have to remind myself, 'No, you can't be tired. This is the stuff you dreamed about as a kid.'

    • Aaron Yoo:(On how life changed after "Disturbia") I get seated faster at restaurants. Girls actually give me working numbers. I mean, things have changed. You know what, the biggest and happiest thing for me, as an actor, is that ...I have this wonderful agent who fights tooth and bone for me to get scenes for stuff that's not necessarily where I fit the character description as it's written, but she sees something that she's like, "Well, you fit the spirit of this character." Especially if they're not looking for someone of ethnicity in particular for a character, but she can call and say, "Listen, I've got this wonderful client here." And before it was like, "Oh, great." But now it opens doors to where people are like, "OK, we'll give it a shot. Why don't you have him come in?" And I've always wanted to be in that position. I also don't think I like any of my work, but it's sort of the bipolar thing of an actor. But if you just get me in the room, I just want the opportunity to get a part. And that's what any actor wants. I mean, it's such a tough game to get that door opening thing. First, you need an agent and all that stuff, and now I did this movie Nick and Norah ....and for me to get the audition, I had to be pitched for, because I wasn't really the character description. And Peter Sollett is such a brilliant and imaginative director, the director of Nick and Norah, that he was just like, "Yeah, let's try that out." So, I flew to New York and we met, and it worked out. And it's one of the most amazing projects I've ever been able to be a part of. That would never have happened without Disturbia. Ever.

    • Aaron Yoo:(On how he stays positive) Sleep. Lots of sleep. I mean, I like the idea of suffering for your art. The ideal I like, but at the same time, you should be a human being. You have the best job in the world. In my career, I've been really blessed. I mean, I've had tough enough times in my life that I don't need to make my life any harder. It just doesn't make sense to me as a person. If life is so hard, why make it harder on yourself? But even then, you have hard days. There are some days on set where I feel like I can't hit it into the ocean. That's actually one of the few things that really makes me angry: If I feel like I'm not pulling my weight. I mean, I get livid. But sleep is the happiest thing to me. I swear to god. The best thing about it is once you wake up, you're basically starting over again. So, no matter what, yesterday might have totally sucked, but tomorrow I get to wake up with a clean slate.

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    • Aaron Yoo decided to become an actor after a summer Shakespeare course.

    • Before landing a role in Disturbia, Aaron Yoo did Off Broadway theater and commercials.

    • Aaron Yoo wanted to be a writer before becoming an actor.

    • Aaron Yoo's favorite movies are City of Gods, Once Upon a Time in the West, and In the Mood for Love.

    • Aaron Yoo's favorite drink is Laphroaig 10 year single malt scotch.

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