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  • Adam: (On his role in Boy Meets World) Yeah, well, actually, I think it was three as Griff and one just as "Senior." So I actually played two different characters on "Boy Meets World." One was where I was just a guy carrying a guitar, and then, like, a year later, I started playing Griff. So it's kind of a storied past. But I guess they play it in rotation on The Disney Channel or something. It's really weird, because it was, like, thirteen years ago for a few months.

  • Adam: (On his first kiss) My first kiss? Oh jesus. Damn. What was it? [laughs] Goddamn. I think it was in the eighth grade, which for a lot of kids at my school, that actually made me a late bloomer. I went through a real chubby phase, so I was not getting girls for a long time. So, the first girl I did get, we made out. It was at a locker. And I think, if I remember, she's now a lesbian. So, there you go. That's how great I am. She's a lesbian and now we're Facebook friends. We are. Really. She's terrific. She was totally hot. But I think she kind of just ceremoniously dumped me one day. We were girlfriend and boyfriend and then one day she was like…"You're a…lame-ass." And got rid of me. But I am glad to have been a part of her life.

  • Adam: (On joining Parks and Recreation so late in the season) I didn't know what to expect. Jumping on a moving train can sometimes be a little daunting. I've done my share of guest spots. Sometimes you just feel like the new kid in class, and everyone has their little cliques, and you're not a part of the group. I've certainly had my share of unpleasant guest spot experiences. I wasn't really sure. I mean, I kind of knew everybody. I knew Nick Offerman really well because (wife) Megan (Mullally)'s on "Party Down," but the worrying ended up all being for naught. Everybody ended up so welcoming and cool and friendly and collaborative. All the things I loved about "Party Down" was the same, except it's over at "Parks and Rec." It's the same, except they have a bigger craft service table. Same energy and kind of joyful collaborative atmosphere. It was a really very pleasant place to go to work.

  • Adam: (on his redeeming qualities) I'm loyal and every once in awhile, I come up with a great dick joke.

  • Adam: I think that people watch television for different reasons, and if you want pure escapism, there are several places to go. But I think a lot of people after a while find that experience to be less rewarding and maybe a bit hollow.

  • Adam: My last crappy day job was snorting cocaine off of a model's ass. I was twenty-three and really needed the money, and there was an opening at a coke-snorting-off-a-model's-ass place in my neighborhood. So, y'know, I took a shot. It was a really shitty job but I got used to it.

  • Adam: (on playing a minor character in the popular movie) I was never into Star Trek at all, I just never got it. I didn't know what the hell was going on; I was just there for, like, a morning and I get killed. People ask about it a lot because Star Trek is such a big deal but I was just one of those people who never gave a shit about Star Trek.

  • Adam: My brother and my dad are into sports. I just don't care. I like American Idol. I have the tastes of a 46-year-old gay man.

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  • Film, Video, and TV Movie Credits: • Passenger Side (2009) as Michael • The Vicious Kind (2009) as Caleb Sinclaire • Lovely, Still (2008) as Mike • Corporate Affairs (2008) as Jack Hightower • August (2008) as Joshua Sterling • The Great Buck Howard (2008) as Alan Berkman • Who Loves the Sun (2006) as Daniel Bloom • Off the Lip (2004) as David • Bleach (2002) as Fulton • Seven and a Match (2001) as Peter • Date Squad (2001) as Fred • Winding Roads (1999) (TV) as Brian Calhoun • Sagamore (1999) (TV) as Alex • Hairshirt (1998) as Fan at Bar • Payback (1997) (TV) as Adam Stanfill • Dinner and Driving (1997) as Larry • Cityscrapes: Los Angeles (1994) as Joe

  • Before shooting their first sex scene on Tell Me You Love Me, Adam and onscreen wife Sonya Walger each had two shots of Tequila.

  • Adam lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife, producer Naomi Sablan, and their son.

  • One of the projects Adam can't imagine himself being good at is a period film such as a "Keira Knightley costume drama". He doesn't even watch those types of film.

  • Adam considers being cast in High Crimes, starring Ashley Judd, Jim Caviezel, and Morgan Freeman, to be the first big break in his acting career.

  • His favorite movie is Raiders of the Lost Ark and credits it as the reason for his wanting to be an actor.

  • When he was still a struggling actor, Adam worked as a busboy. He also served at a Johnny Rockets branch, but he quit after only one day because they were required to sing along when certain songs came on.

  • Theatrical Credits: • Dealer's Choice (Los Angeles, California, 1998) as Carl • Beirut (Gardner Stage) • Everett Beekin (South Coast Repertory, Costa Mesa, CA) • Rhyme and Reason (Hudson Theatre) • Bloody Poetry (Globe Theatre) • Buffalo Hunters (Mark Taper Forum) • Water and Wine (Met Theatre) • Uncle Bob (Los Angeles; New York City; Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland).

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