Alan Autry

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Star on In the Heat of the Night: By Duty Bound


7/31/1952, Shreveport , La .

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  • He was born Carlos Alan Autry to Carl and Verna Autry.He was an only child.When he was 11 months old his parents divorced after his father left them.His mother took him to Tulare Ca.where they lived with her father.Young Carlos Alan's name was changed to his mother's maiden name, Brown because his grandfather did not think there was any hope that he would ever get to see his father again and thought it would be best for the boy if he went by the family name.The Brown's were Oklahomans who had settled in California in earlier years.And it is from them that he picked up his Oklahoma drawl.When he was six years old his mother married a man named Joe Duty.Autry was very close to his stepfather(who passed away in 1972) and still refers to him as "my Dad".The family followed the crops around the San Joaquin Valley harvesting and planting apricots, grapes and cotton.By the time he was in fourth grade he had attended six different schools.When he was in the fifth grade they settled in Riverdale Ca.,where his stepfather found work driving a tractor and his mother cleaned houses during the day.In high school he was all league playing baseball, basketball and football.Autry was a star quarterback in high school for the Riverdale Cowboys.He was offered a scholarship to play for the University of the Pacific in Stockton as a quarterback for the Tigers.In 1972 while playing against the University of Washington in Seattle he suffered a knee injury that would ultimately shorten his football career.He graduated with a B.A. and was halfway through his student teaching when he was drafted by the Green Bay Packers.One day while on his way to training camp he stopped off in Chicago to say hello to a "friend of a friend,of a friend who knew somebody" who was working on the crew of a movie.While there he met director Robert Altman.When his football career ended he contacted Altman who gave him a small part in the 1978 film "Remember My Name".Other parts soon followed.In 1979 he made a brief return to football playing in the CFL for the B.C. Lions.In 1981, while filming Southern Comfort in Louisiana he met his real father for the first time,after finding his name in the Shreveport phonebook.Shortly after that he returned to his birth name Autry.He has appeared in many TV shows and movies over the years.In October of 1985 he became a born again Christian.The part for which he is best known came in 1988,when he was cast as Officer (and later Sgt., Lt. and finally Captain )Bubba Skinner on "In The Heat of the Night".The series would run until 1995.In 1997 he founded Dirt Road productions in Fresno where he lives with his wife Kimberlee and their children - daughters Lauren and Heather and son Austin.Dirt Road productions has produced several projects and released their first full length film "The Legend of Jake Kincaid" in 2002.The western was based on a story he wrote. Autry also directed the film and stars as Jake Kincaid.His wife Kimberlee and former "Heat of the Night" costar David Hart(Parker Williams)are also in the film.He donates much of his time to working with churches,schools and charities.Autry was elected Mayor of Fresno on November 7,2000.In March of 2004 he was re-elected with over 72 percent of the vote.His second term will run from January 2005 until January 2009. Complete list of credits for Alan Autry Crew Credits The Legend of Jake Kincaid (2002) - Writer The Legend of Jake Kincaid (2002) - Director The Legend of Jake Kincaid (2002) - Producer Acting Appearances Starring Roles Sons of Thunder (1999) - Butch McMann Style and Substance (1998) - Earl Grace Under Fire (1993) - Rick Bradshaw In the Heat of the Night (1988) - Captain Bubba Skinner Guest Starring Roles The 700 Club - Himself 1/9/07 PBS Newshour - Himself 7/28/2006 Praise the Lord - Himself 4/6/2006 Hannity and Colmes - Himself (2005) Lou Dobbs Tonight - Himself (2005) Praise the Lord - Himself (Host) - 3/25/04 (2004) Praise the Lord - Himself - 3/20/03 (2003) Praise the Lord - Himself - 1/9/03 (2003)Billy Graham - Himself - Central Valley Crusade (2001) Style and Substance - Earl - I Went to a Garden Party (1998) Style and Substance - Earl - Chelsea's First Date (1998) Style and Substance - Earl - The Plate (1998) Style and Substance - Earl - A Recipe for Disaster (1998) Style and Substance - Earl - Pilot (1998) Grace Under Fire - Rick Bradshaw - The Show-Me State (1996) Grace Under Fire - Rick Bradshaw - Positively Hateful (1996) Grace Under Fire - Rick - Thanks for Nothing (1995) Grace Under Fire - Rick Bradshaw - Daycare (1995) Grace Under Fire - Rick Bradshaw - The Breakup (1995) Grace Under Fire - Rick Bradshaw - Grace and Rick and the Dance of Doom (1995) Grace Under Fire - Rick Bradshaw - Movin' on Down (1995) The George & Alana Show - Himself(1995) The Facts of Life - Clark Darrin - Peekskill Law (1988) The A-Team - Mike "The Hammer" Horn - Quarterback Sneak (1986) St. Elsewhere - John Corzinsky - Out on a Limb (1986) Newhart - Ed McKendrick - Will the Real Dick Loudon Please Shut Up? (1986) Hunter - Whitey McVee - High Bleacher Man (1984) The Dukes of Hazzard - Hurley - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Duke (1984) The A-Team - Gary Crenshaw (as Carlos Brown) - Labor Pains (1983) The Mississippi - - Murder at Mt. Parnassus (1983) Cheers - Tom Kenderson - The Boys in the Bar (1983) Seven Brides for Seven Brothers - J.T.(as Carlos Brown) - Gold Fever (1982) Best of the West - - The Funeral (1982) The Dukes of Hazzard - Dawson (as Carlos Brown) - 10 Million Dollar Sheriff (2) (1981) The Dukes of Hazzard - Dawson (as Carlos Brown) - 10 Million Dollar Sheriff (1) (1981) Style and Substance - Earl - Do Not Go Squealing Into That Good Night (0) Movie/Mini-Series/Special Roles The Legend of Jake Kincaid (2002) - Jake Kincaid California 911 Memorial (2001) - Himself/Master of Ceremonies 34th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards (1999) - Himself/Presenting Get Away Right Away Child Safety Video (1999) - Himself 30th Annual Victor Awards (1996) - Himself/Presenting Intruders (1992) - Joe Wilkes The 26th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards Awards (1991) - Himself/Presenting The Great Los Angeles Earthquake (1990) - Matt Street of Dreams (1988) - Maury Fields World Gone Wild (1988) - Hank Amazing Grace and Chuck (1987) - George aka:The Silent Voice Destination America (1987) - Larry Leathergood Proud Men (1987) - Brian Winoon At Close Range (1986) - Ernie Blue Deville (1986) - Sgt. Auggie Valentine House (1986) - Cop # 3 Nomads (1986) - Olds Brewsters Millions (1985) - Biff Brown Eagle and the Bear (1985) - O.C. & Stiggs (1985) - Roadhouse 66 (1984) - Hoot Dangerous Company (1982) - Donald Robinette (as Carlos Brown) Southern Comfort (1981) - Cpl. (Coach) Bowden (as Carlos Brown) Rage (1980) - Man # B (as Carlos Brown) Remember My Name (1978) - Rusty ( as Carlos Brown)moreless

    Birth Name:

    Carlos Alan Autry



    Birth Place:

    Shreveport , La .

    Also Known As

    Mayor Autry, Carlos Brown

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    • Alan Autry: (In reference to Hurricane Katrina) We are all Americans. If something happens like this, you put a map of the U.S. up there, and erase all the state lines.

    • Alan Autry: (During negotiations with the California State Legislature in 2004) You have to have a storm before the rainbow.

    • Alan Autry: (During negotiations with the California State Legislature in Sacramento in 2004) I may not be the brightest chrome on the bumper...

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    • When he was on In the Heat of the Night he was contacted by someone from Gene Autry's office. Gene wanted to know if they were related. Alan was a big fan of Gene and had been told by his family as a kid that they were relatives, but they did not know how they were related. Gene decided to have a genealogist check into it.They found that Alan's paternal grandfather and Gene Autry's father were brothers. Alan and Gene got to meet with each other and were friends until Gene's death.

    • In 1982 Autry met his biological father for the first time.

    • He is currently in his second term as the Mayor of Fresno, California. He was first elected in the November, 2000 General Election.His first term ran from January 2001 until January 2005.He was re-elected in the March 2, 2004 primary, with over 72 percent of the vote. His second term will run from January, 2005 until January, 2009.

    • California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has appointed Alan Autry to the Board of Directors for the California State Film Commission.

    • He is 6'3" and weighs 235 lbs.

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