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  • Alex: I was bullied at my old school and I've been tossed up in a blanket before I was thirteen (13).

  • Alex: I got a big shock when I first went to boarding school because you have to become independent.

  • Alex: (his views on euthanasia) I think it should happen for people who are sick and should be legal.

  • Alex: I want to have lots of bodyguards around me and be surrounded by beautiful women while watching my brother play at Wimbledon.

  • Alex: When you have already experienced going out and working in the real world, and you come back to school, you just see it as a playground and you don't want to be there any more.

  • Alex: Ewan McGregor once told me, "Work is work and home is home. Don't get them mixed up." Which is great advice.

  • Alex: (on television and film) Working on television is like being in a playground, but working on a film is like being in a big new world. It’s quite hard working on a film, but we all got on like a big family which made it easier.

  • Alex: (on his first red carpet experience) My biggest fear was that there might be 5 or 6 kids there who just want an autograph, and then I would walk in and do my press. I got out of the car and it was probably 3 seconds and 3,000 girls were screaming for me.

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  • Alex is cast as Number four in the 2011 film, I Am Number Four.

  • Alex's mother got re-married to Michael Ireland, a property developer.

  • In 2007 Alex was nominated in the Empire Awards, UK for 'Best Male Newcomer' for the 2006 film Stormbreaker.

  • Alex is cast as Kyle Kingson in the 2010 film, Beastly.

  • Alex featured as Bradley in the 2009 film, Tormented, alongside Skins star, April Pearson.

  • His nickname is A, which is short for Alex or Alexander.

  • His mother attended the same boarding school as Channing Tatum's mother, Gennifer. Both women are now in their 50's, and have been friends since the age of 13.

  • His mother Lee Ireland attended the same boarding school as Channing Tatum's mother, Gennifer. Both woman are now in their 50's and have been best friends since the age of 13.

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