Alexander Gould

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Quotes (4)

  • Alexander: I don't really recognize it as my voice. I see Bambi there. I don't see me.

  • Alexander (After being asked what he does for fun): School. I read a lot. I play video games . . . a lot.

  • Alexander: [Cartoon work is] easier but harder. You don't have to get your hair done or get in makeup or get dressed up in certain clothes. You can just go in in jeans and a T-shirt and do it. But you have to do it over and over and over and over and over again sometimes. That's kind of the hard part.

  • Alexander: My mom was an actress as a kid, and when I was really little a lot of people told her that I should get into the industry, so she got me started on a couple of auditions.

Trivia (17)

  • Alexander played a little boy in the movie City of Angels when he was only three years old!

  • Alexander played 'Peter Cobb' in the movie Mexico City.

  • Alexander played 'Young Billy' in the movie They.

  • Alexander played 'Arthur' in the movie, Wheelmen.

  • Alexander and his sisters live with their parents in the Los Angeles area.

  • Alexander is very interested in marine biology, and was even before doing the movie Finding Nemo.

  • Alexander wants to be an inventor when he grows up.

  • Alexander's two sisters also act.

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