Alexandrea Lushington

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Nineteenth Place (Season 7) on American Idol


2/13/1991, Douglasville, GA

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  • Alexandrea Lushington is from Douglasville, GA and is in the Top 24 on Season 7 of American Idol.



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    Douglasville, GA

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    • Alexandrea: (on what she will do after being eliminated from "American Idol") Just continue doing my music and writing stuff. I pretty much have my life mapped out the way I want it to go. In the future, I would like to have my own band and hopefully record a soul/pop/rock type of album within the means of Nikka Costa, Alicia Keys and John Mayer. I'd like to venture into that nice live sound.

    • Alexandrea: (on if the closeness of the contestants affects how they perform) We have bonded a lot. It is like a huge family. We are always with each other 24/7. We see each other all the time, we rehearse with each other. We've become really good friends. We try really hard not to compete with everybody else, but with ourselves. Try to stay focused on what we're going to do to better ourselves in the competition.

    • Alexandrea: (on how she felt about the controversy of experienced performers being on "American Idol") I just don't understand why people make a big deal about it. 'American Idol' has been on this long and it is going to be harder to find real amateurs nowadays. You can't blame [the singers] for trying to venture out and try to catapult their careers. They aren't in a contract now, which is the rule. That's basically all that counts.

    • Alexandrea: (on if she wasfamiliar with the songs she performed on "American Idol") My parents made sure I was well rounded so the '60s and '70s weren't necessarily unfamiliar to me at all. They wanted to make sure I had diversity in my music. Music is music to me. When you are picking songs, it shouldn't be that hard. It should be the one that you feel is you. You know when a song is right for you.

    • Alexandrea: (on why David Archuleta was exceptionally sad to see her go) David and I have known each other for a long time now. We were actually in a [Star Search] competition with each other four years ago. We've become really close friends throughout this whole experience. Our dads hang out and talk all the time. We'd make jokes about how our dads were like Laurel and Hardy. He is a phenomenal singer, he's going to do great.

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    • She is great friends with David Archuleta.

    • She was eliminated from American Idol Season 7 on February 28, 2008, garnering (17th/18th/19th/20th Place).

    • Being in American Idol has been her proudest moment in life.

    • If she couldn't sing, she would like to be able to write because that is the 2nd best thing that helps her express herself.

    • She thinks people would be surprised to know that she is extremely goofy, but is serious when she has to be.

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