Alexis Arquette

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  • Alexis: I applaud the outstanding job that Kathleen Turner put out there on her appearance as Chandler's father on Friends. She straight tore that part UP.

  • Alexis: I must say. That I enjoyed my time with Florence Henderson on The Surreal Life. I felt motherly over her though, especially when Tawny started messing with her, I felt like I needed to step in and rescue the lamb from the wolf.

Trivia (20)

  • Her mother's Jewish ancestors originated from Russia and Poland.

  • Alexis appeared in the 1998 horror film Bride Of Chucky, and is smothered by the red headed doll by a pillow, then met his fate once again in 1999's Midnight 5. He played Sidney, and was shot in the face by William Voight.

  • Alexis was upset with the way that actor Neil Patrick Harris handled the 'coming out' of his sexuality, he thought it was a cowardly way to hide out who he really was for so long, and publicly admonished him.

  • Alexis would like to host his own daytime television talkshow.

  • Alexia appeared in a music video for Extra Fancy's 'Sinnerman' video, which was a featured soundtrack on the television show Mega Man in 1995.

  • Alexis revealed the big secret that his brother and sister-in-law were keeping on The Sharon Osbourne Show in 2004, when he disclosed that the couple were expecting a baby.

  • Alexis and his family were all honored with the American Film Institute's 6th Platinum Circle Award on May 10th, 2006. Previous acting families to win the award are the Fondas and the Penns.

  • Alexis ia an underground cartoonist in Los Angeles. Nico's Mobile Mole is his most famous strip, about his friend, actress Nico Petrakis.

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