Amy Jo Johnson

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  • Amy: My mom taught me to go after my dreams. I have this faith in myself that I must have gotten from her. I believe I can do anything. If I decide I want to be a doctor tomorrow, I'm going to be a doctor.

Trivia (17)

  • Amy is 5'2".

  • Amy was nominated for a Gemini award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role in 2009 for her appearance as Julianne Callaghan in Flashpoint.

  • Amy wanted to leave Felicity so she could have time to grieve over her mother's death.

  • On December 1st, 2008 Amy gave birth to daughter Francesca Christine. The father is her fiance Olivier Giner.

  • Amy was one of two of the Power Rangers who appeared in every single episode of the second season of the show.

  • Amy was the only actor/actress out of the original five Power Rangers actors/actresses who didn't leave the show on bad terms.

  • Amy attended and spoke at the funeral of her Power Rangers co-star Thuy Trang.

  • On I Love the 90's, Amy said she will never be able to live down her time as Kimberly, the Pink Ranger.

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