Amy Palant

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Quotes (7)

  • Tails: Do your best Sonic.

  • Tails: All right! Sonic's here!

  • Dorie: This will make a real great story, turn Reanne into Dorie!

  • Dorie: I wish I could rewrite this story, but for now I'll be (disgusted look) the little dog Roary.

  • Dorie: Gimme a break and make awake the steak (drools) oh I'm so hungry.

  • Omochao: This could cost him the race.

  • Dorie: Fa La Day La Dong Ding, now I am a witchling!

Trivia (11)

  • Amy did addditional voices in the Crash Bandicoot game, Crash of the Titans.

  • She voiced Omochao on the video game "Sonic Riders" but her take-on of the character made Omochao sound different and feminine then the voice Lani Minella provided in "Sonic Adventure 2" and "Sonic Heroes", causing many fans to not know it was him until near the end of the story mode when he appears on the news.

  • Provides the voice of Dorie Goodwyn on the 4Kids dubbed anime "Magical DoReMi."

  • She voices Tails on the games "Shadow the Hedgehog", "Sonic Rush" & "Sonic Riders." A controversial desision among many Sonic fans.

  • She is a member of a group called "FunkeyMonkeys". She is the lead vocals and helped produce the first FunkeyMonkeys album. She sang on the Girl Scouts of America album Sisters Hand in Hand.

  • She voiced Roxanne on "Pok√©mon".

  • She voices Miles "Tails" Prower on "Sonic X".

  • She voices MIllie on "Shaman King (Uncut)".

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