Andrea Parker

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  • Andrea Parker: I had the time of my life. I enjoyed every second. It gave me the opportunity to behave in ways I personally wouldn’t ever dream of, and to have complete license to be as malevolent and dark as I could possibly be.

Trivia (29)

  • Andrea's hobbies include horseback riding, stunt driving, and target shooting.

  • Andrea Parker Agent c/o Mitchell K. Stubbs, 8675 Washington Blvd., #203, Culver City CA 90232, USA

  • Andrea's astrological sign is Pisces.

  • Andrea's nickname is Andi.

  • Andrea "played" the legs of Julia Roberts's character in one of the first scenes of the movie Pretty Woman.

  • Andrea is affiliated with the Glenn Siegel "My Good Friend" charity organization.

  • Andrea is best known for her role as Miss Parker in the series The Pretender.

  • Andrea's height is 5' 10'' (1.78 m).

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