Andrew Baldwin

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The Bachelor (Season 10) on The Bachelor


2/5/1977, Lancaster, PA

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  • U.S. Navy Lieutenant Andy Baldwin, M.D., is a 30 year old undersea medical officer for a special operations dive unit stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. He has been selected to star in the tenth edition of ABC's The Bachelor. Andy, or Andrew, is also a world-class tri-athlete. Since he is a U.S. Navy officer they are titling this series as an Officer and a Gentleman. Andy grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where he was valedictorian in high school and a competitive swimmer who made All-American; he was even named ESPN's National Scholar Athlete of the Year in 1995. He grew up in a small-town with a family of modest values who taught him a strong work ethic. As a teenager he worked three jobs (paper boy, lifeguard and his own lawn mowing business), all of this helped him pay for college. Andy is the first doctor who is also a military officer in his family. Before graduating high school he saved $25,000 for college, plus the Navy offered him a full ROTC scholarship. He took the scholarship and went to Duke University. At Duke he was a varsity letter winner on the men's swim team and began training for marathons, all while taking a pre-med courses and earning a degree in biology. He graduated Duke with honors and enrolled in University of California-San Francisco School of Medicine, and was a surgical intern at Naval Hospital San Diego. After moving to the coast, Andy found the love for cycling, to add to his love of swimming and running to compete in his first triathlon in 2000. Since then he has gone on and competed internationally in numerous Ironman, Half-Ironman and other triathlons and marathons, often ranking among the top 5 finishers in his age group. His Uncle Tom was one of his beloved supporters. He died of pancreatic cancer just one month after diagnosis. In his uncle's honor, Andy established a fund to raise money for pancreatic cancer research, and has raised over $20,000.moreless

    Birth Name:

    Andrew James Baldwin



    Birth Place:

    Lancaster, PA

    Also Known As

    Andy Baldwin, M.D, Lieutenant Andy Baldwin

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    • Andy Baldwin: It took just under six weeks [to film the show], I took 40 days of leave to do the show. We crammed a lot into that time period. And if you ask me, or any of the women if it felt like six weeks, everyone will tell you that it felt like a year. It gets intense in terms of delving into a person's psyche and emotions and meeting families, it's a very accelerated dating and courting process. But I think that's the method in the madness of 'The Bachelor.'  When you press people and put them in a stressful environment, their true colors come out.

    • Andy Baldwin: It was very hard on me and the women, and I don't know if it was the altitude or if they were all in the suite together, it just all of a sudden became very real that they just couldn't be friends, you put people in an uncomfortable situation, and all kinds of things come out, and that's when it really hit the fan.

    • Andy Baldwin: Earlier this year I was offered a once in a lifetime opportunity- a chance to go into the heart of Southeast Asia as a medical humanitarian and treat the sick and injured. I was asked to serve as group surgeon for a team of fifty military personnel headed for a one-month recovery mission in Laos attempting to find the remains of U.S. POW/MIAs from the Vietnam War. The Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) is a powerfully funded Army-led organization that deploys numerous recovery missions to remote locations of the world each year. My role would be to take care of the medical needs of my team, and also to visit the remote villages where my teammates were working to treat Lao villagers in need of medical attention. What I would see and experience- disease and poverty coupled with courage and the will to survive- would change my life forever.

    • Andy Baldwin: I may be old-fashioned, but I believe in true love, and I know she's out there. And I know I'm going to find her.

    • Andy Baldwin: Every day I spend here the more and more I love it. It’s really hard being away from my family, especially in hard times when my family is struggling financially and my grandma’s been sick with Alzheimer’s. But the more and more I make this my home, the more and more I want to say it is that sense of family (that I love about Hawaii). I think it would be a wonderful place to raise a family and have kids.

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    • Andy regularly volunteers while in Hawaii. He treats patients who don't have health insurance or money to pay for medical care.

    • Since 2002 one of Andy’s major triathlon sponsors, Victoria Thompson, has maintained to further the charity works and triathlon career of Andrew Baldwin.

    • Jack Johnson, Pepper, and Tom Petty are some of Andy's favorite vocal artists.

    • Andy's pet peeves are pessimists, smokers and laziness.

    • Andy works as an undersea medical officer for a special operations dive unit with the Navy, currently stationed at Pearl Harbor.

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