Anita La Selva

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Zo'or on Earth: Final Conflict


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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  • Anita was born in Toronto and raised in Stratford Ontario, Canada, where her parents worked as theatrical costumers for the Stratford Shakespearean Festival. Being burn into a family with such close ties to theater and drama, Anita soon became interested in acting. As a teenager she spent a lot of time watching as many plays and performances as she could. In high school she was chosen to participate in the development of a play called "Kingwhistle" by a Canadian playwright, James Reaney. Working for Reaney was the beginning of her career in theater. At the age of 14 she also started studying Flamenco dancing. Anita soon got a B.A. in Comparative Literature and Drama at the University of Toronto, and also began studying Method Acting with Strasberg Disciples Samantha Langevin and Miriam Laurence. After this In the upcoming years, the pursue of her studies would take her to different countries. From 1988 to 1990 La Selva attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in London, England. After that, she returned to Canada to start her acting career, and became a founding member of a women's Collective called the Toronto Women's Auxiliary (TWA). In 1992, she took voice lessons from Vocal Specialist Richard Armstrong of the Roy Hart Theater Institute in France. She also became a part of the multi-disciplinary group called URGE, that creates unique pieces for both film and theater. Her biggest role up to day was in 1998 on Gene Roddenberry's "Earth: Final Conflict". She was nominated as "Best Supporting Actress - Drama Series" on the 2000 15th Gemini Awards for her role as Zo'or in episode "Through Your Eyes". Since 2001 Anita has worked as an actress on TV and radio, directed plays and participated in them. Some of her directing credits include "MUD" for the "SummerWorks Festival" and "Through Comet's Halo" for "Teatro Della Limonaia" in Italy. She directed Michelle D'Alessandro Hatt's play "The Vigil Crasher" for "New Ideas", in 2006, and in 2007 she directed "Conscientia" by Michelle D'Alessandro Hatt.moreless

    Birth Name:

    Anita La Selva



    Birth Place:

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Also Known As

    Anita LaSelva

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    • Anita La Selva: Before "Earth", I worked for several years as an actor in Toronto, doing stage, film, radio. I've done a lot of theater. My background is in theater, as an actor trained in England. Recently, you can see me on a lot of shows like, different series, like "TekWar", "Kung Fu", "Secret Service", "Top Cops", a number of the movies of the week and I am also a fully trained Flamenco dancer. And when I am not in the boots and the "head" I work for the company here in town as a diversion from "Earth". But most of my time is spent here on set as Zo'or.

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    • Anita has raven hair and dark brown eyes.

    • She began her Flamenco dancing studies when she was 14.

    • Anita performed in a play called "Desdemona" alongside "Earth: Final Conflict" co-star Brooke Johnson.

    • Her philosophy is to always remind herself to stay open to what the Universe has to offer and to not get fixated on one thing, as to let thousands of other good and different opportunities pass her by.

    • While working for URGE she co-created and performed in a piece called "She Promised She'd Bake A Pie" at the DuMaurier Theatre and at the High Performance Rodeo in Calgary.

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