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  • Anna: (On her fiance Stephen Moyer) He's lovely. He's very funny. I'm definitely not on any level attracted to people who don't have a good sense of humour. That's how you get through the ups and the downs.

  • Anna: I don't know when acting came to be more about awards than about the work. Judging who's better than the other person shouldn't be part of why we're doing this job. It should be about entertaining people.

  • Anna: I'm probably one of the only actresses who has no waitressing experience... I've never had a non-acting job, because I've pretty much acted full time since I was 9.

  • Anna: I like shows or films or books that have messages but don't beat people over the head with them.

  • Anna: I think it's an amazing quality to be able to roll with the punches and not be totally ruined as a person because life's been rough for you. That's a really admirable way to go through your life.

  • Anna: There's nothing more exciting as an actor than getting to do something that you're not entirely sure that anyone would let you do, and getting to take a big jump in a completely different direction.

  • Anna: I get paid to do the thing I love most, and maybe that makes blending into the crowd impossible sometimes, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

  • Anna: I'd really like to get to do some fighting, some martial arts training, because I think that would be really fun... I do gymnastics and ballet, and I'm very, very into the physically acrobatic end of sport.

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  • Anna was the original choice to portray Enola in Waterworld, however the role went to Tina Majorino.

  • Anna loves animals, she has two cats and one dog as pets.

  • Anna keeps her Oscar trophy hidden in her bedroom so that guests do not feel the need to comment on it.

  • Anna had not seen her first movie The Piano (1993) until 2009.

  • Anna was ranked number 50 on the "Hot 100 of 2008" from Maxim magazine.

  • Anna was listed on vh1's "100 Greatest Kid Stars" at number 93.

  • Anna studied at Columbia University with fellow actress, Julia Stiles.

  • Anna is a fan of the bands The Beatles and Nine Inch Nails.

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