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  • Anna: (on her character in Fringe having an alternate version) I am always in a better mood playing the 'alternate' Olivia. When there's less responsibility life's kind of cool.

  • Anna: (on her impersonation of Leonard Nimoy for Fringe) I was not excited when that script came out. I was fearful. So what do you do? You call the people that are much better than you and say, 'Help!' John had worked with Leonard, plus I was so, so nervous, I wanted to make sure that, when I went to the set to do it for the first time, there was at least one person that I could look at who I had done it with before and trusted. It offered an element of comfort... I got an email saying, 'I've been hearing good things about your impersonation of me'. I wrote back, 'Oh gosh, I'm so sorry. Why they didn't give it to Josh or John , I don't know'. He was so darling, he wrote back, 'It wouldn't have been as charming'.

  • Anna: (on her role model as an actress) I just adore Kate Winslet. I love her because you're never aware of all the stuff that's going into her characterization and, yet, she completely transforms. She also has this incandescent warmth to her, and that's a quality that is hers. She's approachable and damn believable.

  • Anna: (on doing sex scenes) I don't think anyone finds them easy. It's not that I'm embarrassed about my boobs. It's just that some part of you really doesn't want that out there. At the same time, you want to get good at it. In the moment, what you're really thinking is, Shit, I need a mint.

  • Anna: (on the difference between Australian and American English) Sometimes there will be a line in the script and I just can't imagine saying it. I'll ask an American and they'll say, 'Oh, yeah. That's how we say it'. We just say things differently in Australia - like torch. I'd ask, 'Can I have the torch?' It seems to fall flat when I say, 'Can I have the flashlight?

  • Anna: (on her playing characters in video games) I didn't know much about video games. There are some awfully violent ones. ButHeavenly Sword (2007) is different. I've had huge conversations with a friend who made it. I think what he wants to do is to make the player care. Yes, there's killing. But the character I play in "Heavenly Sword", "Nariko", is ultimately protecting her family and this runaway girl. It's a beautiful game. It's beyond a video game. The landscape is to protect and to care. My friend is working toward a world where you get an emotion out of the people who are playing it. See if you can make them cry if they couldn't save the people who they were trying to protect. This isn't "Pac-Man".

  • Anna: It doesn't necessarily matter what your answer is to the question: What is art? So long as you have one.

  • Anna: I don't feel like I've hit my stride. So I wonder what the moment will be when I get to be who I want to be.

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  • Anna found out that she had been selected for the part of Olivia in Fringe while she was camping in the Australian Outback.

  • Anna moved to London, to pursue her acting career, after graduating the Australian National Institute of Dramatic Art.

  • Anna's Zodiac sign is Gemini.

  • Although born in Melbourne, Anna grew up in Gold Coast,Queensland.

  • Anna was one younger brother, Dylan Torv.

  • Anna was Estonian and Scotish ancestry.

  • For five consecutive years, between 2009 and 2013, Anna was nominated for a Saturn Award by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films in the category of Best Actress on Television for her role in the TV series Fringe. She won this award four years in a row between 2010 and 2013.

  • For four consecutive years, between 2009 and 2012, Anna was nominated for a Teen Choice Award in the category of Choice TV Actress: Fantasy/Sci-Fi for her role in the TV series Fringe. She never won in any of those years.

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