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  • Anne Hathaway: I attribute so much of my career to luck. My mother always told me that luck is preparation meets opportunity. And I've been given extraordinary opportunities to work with filmmakers long before I was talented enough to deserve to work with them. But I've learned a lot from them and I just kind of keep getting hired. So, I just feel extremely lucky.

  • Anne Hathaway: I'm lucky I'm friends with a lot of artists and filmmakers and creators. My life is pretty wonderful. I'm one of those rare, lucky people - and there's a small percentage of them on the planet - who gets to do what they love; and really, really, really love. It's a job that, even when people love it, they don't often get to do. So, my life kind of feels like a Wonderland.

  • Anne Hathaway: You do have to give me credit, as far as relationships crashing & burning goes... I mean, I scorched that earth!

  • Anne Hathaway: Sometimes I find myself somewhere and I'm just like, 'Oh, it'd be really fun to get married here.' I really don't know what that says about me but I try not to anticipate things before they happen.

  • Anne Hathaway: I'm a big weirdo, so I'd love to do much more experimental stuff. And the fact I haven't done it up until now is not through a lack of desire, it's more a lack of opportunity. I just think, 'The freakier the better', you know? I know some of my choices are more mainstream and I think there is a creativity to that as well. But it's amazing to be able to say at 25-years-old, I have made a wedding movie with Kate Hudson in Bride Wars and to also say I've made a wedding movie with Jonathan Demme.

  • Anne Hathaway: (on filming with Dwayne Johnson in 'Get Smart') What can I say about Mr. Dwayne Johnson? If you kick him in the head he's nice about it. In the scene where I kick him in the head I would like everyone to know that it actually happened and, for the last time, I'm very, very, very sorry about it.

  • Anne Hathaway: (on filming a raunchy scene with Steve Carrell in "Get Smart") There was a health scare last year and a certain contact solution - I won't say the name of it but it was the one that I use - gave you conjunctivitis. I also had a sinus infection at the same time. So I had to go up to Steve, my eye is red, puffy and dripping green - I'm snotty and I'm just like "Come here!"

  • Anne Hathaway: (about dieting) When I'm working, I'm incredibly disciplined, because when you're portraying someone else, your body isn't your own. But when I'm not working, I think less about what I eat. For example, last night, I had a club sandwich, and two nights ago, I had pizza. You've got to live!

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  • In 2013, Anne won an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role playing Fantine on Les Miserables.

  • In 2010, Anne won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance playing Princess Penelope on The Simpsons: Once Upon a Time in Springfield.

  • In 2009, Anne was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role playing Kym on Rachel Getting Married.

  • Anne, with actor Christian Bale,is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly (April 13). The two are dressed as Catwoman and Batman respectively.

  • Anne was listed as #2 on Forbes 2011 Hollywood's Best Actors for the Buck list. According to her listing, for every dollar invested into a film with Anne in it; there will be a $45.67 return.

  • Anne became engaged to her long time boyfriend Adam Shulman in November 2011.

  • Anne was nominated for three awards for the 2nd Annual iVillage Entertainment Awards.

  • Even though Anne is playing Catwoman in the new Batman movie, she is actually allergic to cats.

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