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  • (about his 'Honeymooners' character Ed Norton) Art Carney: As dumb-acting as Norton was, I thought he was pretty crafty. I think everything he had in his apartment was probably bought on time, but he had it.

  • Art Carney: I have seasonal answers. In the summer: 'I like it down there because it's cool.' In the winter: 'I like it down there because it's warm.' Then I've got one that isn't seasonal: 'Go to hell.'

  • Art Carney: I don't tell jokes, and if I tried, I couldn't hold an audience's attention for five minutes.

  • Art Carney: I love Ed Norton and what he did for my career. But the truth is that we couldn't have been more different. Norton was the total extrovert, there was no way you could put down his infectious good humor. Me? I'm a loner and a worrier.

Trivia (18)

  • Art took part in the D-Day landing at Normandy, in 1944.

  • Art always ate two servings at every meal, loved sundaes and chocolate bars together for dessert.

  • Art was discovered by Jackie Gleason while working on the "Morey Amsterdam" show.

  • Art was named Best Actor of 1977 by the National Society Of Film Critics.

  • Art won two Sylvania awards.

  • Art had the following Emmy Awards/Nominations: 1954 - Best Supporting Actor In A Regular Series. (Won) 1955 - Best Supporting Actor In A Regular Series. (Won) 1956 - Best Supporting Actor In A Regular Series. (Won) Best Comedian (Nominated) 1957 - Best Supporting Perfromance By An Actor (Nominated) 1966 - Special Classification Of Individual Achievements. (Won) 1967 - Special Classification Of Individual Achievements (Won) 1968 - Special Classification Of Individual Achievements (Won) 1976 - Outstanding Single Performance by a Supporting Actor in Comedy or Drama Special. (Nominated) 1984 - Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or a Special. (Won) 1987 - Outstanding Guest Performer in a Comedy Series. (Nominated) 1990 - Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Special. (Nominated)

  • Art was nominated for the Tony Award For Best Dramatic Actor in Brian Friels' play "Lovers," in 1969.

  • Art was a regular voice talent in the 1930s radio series, "Gangbusters," which would dramatize real crime stories and provided information about wanted criminals to the audience, to aid in their capture.

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