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  • Ashley: (on working and life) I don't think it's the creative process that has ever gotten to us. More than anything, it's about trying to find balance with work and how we can personally stay balanced while having our corporations grow, and I think that's been the biggest thing that we are constantly aware of.

  • Ashley: We worked non-stop until we were 18. Then we decided to take a break and go to school and that was when we decided to question whether we would carry on in entertainment. It was time to step behind the process. I wanted to work on other things.

  • Ashley: (on where Mary-Kate and her finds inspiration for their website) I have to admit we're not that tech-savvy, but we're constantly learning and discovering new things on the Web. I check com to look at the collections and love to poke around some of the other fashion blogs to see what's going on. And, of course, I check religiously and for news. A friend introduced to me to, which is an amazing resource to check out new music.

  • Ashley: (about her and her siblings' allowances as a kid) We got $7 a week each, but we really had to earn it. We have to clean our room, vacuum, feed the was $7, but if you missed one day, or there was one little thing on the floor, you didn't get anything for the whole week.

  • Ashley: (about her sister's 2004 eating disorder drama) That situation was more about how destructive the media can be to a person emotionally, to their identity, and their public persona. It's really sick, if you ask me. I know when Mary-Kate's hurting, I know when she's going through something. I know when she's happy. Whether I'm with her or not, I know. We both carry the weight of each other. When she's doing really well, maybe I'm not doing so well. We just kind of balance each other out.

  • Ashley: I live a very normal life. I have friends, and I've always gone to school. The part that's not normal is that I've been working since I was 9 months old, but at the same time, it's completely normal to me.

  • Ashley: I love driving, but sometimes, I'm not too good at it because I spend too much time looking in the rearview mirror if I know I'm being followed. You don't respond like, "Oh, there's paparazzi." It's more like, "There's a man, and he's going to attack me." That's how your body responds.

  • Ashley: (about watching Full House today with her sister) Sometimes we can tell who is playing Michelle, and sometimes we can't. It's pretty weird. Watching that show is like watching little home videos, and it always takes us back to that time, and that day, and that scene.

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  • Ashley, with sister Mary-Kate, where put on Forbes Top 30 Under 30 brightest fashion and art stars of 2012.

  • Ashley was diagnosed with combined type ADHD.

  • Mary-Kate and Ashley were both diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 6 and put on medication for it.

  • In 2012, Ashley and Mary-Kate opened up int in the United Kingdom. int will be selling their own of clothing.

  • Ashley, along with sister Mary-Kate, won the 2012 CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year Award.

  • Toward the end of their run on Full House, Ashley and her sister Mary-Kate had to wear fake teeth. This was due to the twins losing different teeth at different times and making it impossible for both girls to play one character.

  • Since childhood, Ashley has had a freckle above her lip, while her sister Mary-Kate does not. This was one of the only ways that some viewers could tell the girls apart on TV when they were little.

  • Ashley used to collect teddy bears as a child.

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