Ashley Walters

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  • Ashley was asked about who his character Billy Bond is on the BBC hit series "Hustle" and he had this to say. Ashley: Billy is a great character to play: He’s very cool, streetwise and quite cocky, he’s got all the talk, which works wonders with the ladies but scratch the surface and it’s just an act." Ashley: “He is pretty vulnerable and all he really wants is the security and love of a real family, something he never had when he was growing up.”

  • Ashley was asked what it was like to join the hit BBC show "Hustle" Ashley: "I am a huge Hustle fan and watched all of the last three series, so I am incredibly excited about joining the gang. It’s a massive honour for me to be working alongside actors that I hugely admire, especially Robert Vaughn - he’s a legend. It’s really exciting but also absolutely terrifying."

Trivia (9)

  • Ashley's first staring role on television was on the hit BBC series "Hustle" as Billy Bond.

  • Although Ashley grew up in a tough part of London, he had theatrical training at the Sylvia Young Theatre School, which is one of the top drama schools in London. Former alums include Denise Van Outen and Billie Piper, just to name a few.

  • Ashley has been acting since the age of 4.

  • Ashley has three children. His daughter China was born on April 5, 2001.

  • Ashley grew up in the Peckham housing estate, known for being a very tough borough of London, England.

  • Ashley served time in prison for gun possession, which is illegal in the UK.

  • When performing on stage as a rapper, Ashley uses the alias "Asher D."

  • Ashley is a member of the pop rap group So Solid Crew.

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