Audrey Meadows

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  • Audrey Meadows: You as you are are better by far than the you that you are trying to be.

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  • Both of Audrey's brothers preceeded her in death, both were from complications due to smoking (heart disease and lung cancer), of which she also succumbed.

  • Audrey was the youngest of four children.

  • Audrey earned the nickname of "The Rock" around the Honeymooners set due to her ability to memorize every line of an episode script and bail out other actors that were having trouble with their lines, since Jackie Gleason insisted on doing shows live without rehearsals.

  • Audrey is buried at Holy Cross Cemetary in Culver City, CA, even though she was not Roman Catholic.

  • Audrey performed at Carnegie Hall when she was 16 years old.

  • Audrey published her memoirs, Love, Alice in October 1994.

  • Audrey oversaw the interior styling of the first-class section of Continental's DC-10s, from rug design to ceiling decor.

  • Audrey was named "TV's Most Promising Star of 1953" by the editors of Television magazine.

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