Austin Butler

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  • Austin: (on joining the cast of Zoey 101 in the 4th season) I thought coming into the show so late would make me somewhat of an outsider, but everyone was so nice, and the cast was so welcoming, that I felt right at home. I had such a great time with everyone on set.

  • Austin: The people who support me are so great! They all say such nice things that make me feel really great. I love it when people compliment me on the way I act, because it is not an easy thing, and there is so much criticism out there.

  • Austin: I would love to work with Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Smith, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

  • Austin: (talking about the coolest celebrities he ever met) I've met so many cool people! Samuel L. Jackson was such a nice guy. I've loved watching him since I was little, so it was really great to get to talk to him. Also, Andy Richter, Kevin Nealon, and Tim Meadows.

Trivia (20)

  • Austin is a fan of the band Kings of Leon and his favorite singer is Freddy Mercury.

  • Austin starts his day by exercising.

  • Austin's celebrity crush is actress Megan Fox.

  • Austin appeared in an Wal*mart commercial in 2007.

  • As of 2008, Austin doesn't have a girlfriend.

  • According to Austin, he considered himself to be a serious actor when he landed a permanent role on Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.

  • Austin and Lindsey Shaw are both represented by the same manager.

  • Austin started his background acting career in 2005.

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