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  • B.D. Wong: (on how he sees his life) [It's like] a train that for a long time has not always made its destination clear.

  • B.D. Wong: (on being gay) I've always had tremendous support from my parents. I think there's a myth that gay people have lousy relationships with their parents. Maybe there are logical reasons for a gay person not to have a great relationship with their parents -- not because there's a parent who made him gay, but just because it may be difficult to understand everything. But there are gay people who have great relationships with their parents, and [I] just happen to be one of them.

  • B.D. Wong: (on the death of his son) I thought I was doing all the right things as a parent by taking care of everything, but guess what? Shit is going to happen. Ironically enough you have to love it, you kind of have to say, Come at me, show me what you're going to show me. Things like this show me as a human being what human beings are capable of. What is heroism without tragedy? Do we want life without heroism?

  • B.D. Wong: (on 'Fighting Foo') I wasn't used to expressing myself so openly. Usually, I'd stop myself from that, but this time, I didn't.

  • B.D. Wong: (on TV) Television shows and movies that are all white, I can't watch them. They totally alienate me.

  • B.D. Wong: (on racism) Every portrayal of an Asian that I was watching as a kid was something that embarrassed me.

  • B.D. Wong: (on training for his role in "Executive Decision") We were sent down to Fort Bragg in North Carolina for about a week, primarily for weapons handling. There was a lot of target practice. They gave us a crash course as to what a team of people might do on such a mission.

  • B.D. Wong: (on landing the role in "Executive Decision") It was a big surprise for me that they were actually going to hire me. Creatively, I have been robbed of the opportunity. The community [Asian American] has been robbed of the opportunity to be represented in this facet of humanity, and I also felt it was important for me, careerwise, to round out some of the things that I have done in the past with something like this.

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