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  • Barack: When I came into office, I inherited the biggest deficit in our history. And over the last four years, the deficit has gone up, but 90% of that is as a consequence of two wars that weren't paid for, as a consequence of tax cuts that weren't paid for, a prescription drug plan that was not paid for, and then the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Now we took some emergency actions, but that accounts for about 10% of this increase in the deficit...

  • Barack: (while giving a speech in Hawaii) When I meet with world leaders, what's striking...whether it's in Europe or here in Asia...

  • Barack: (on healthcare reform) The reforms we seek would bring greater competition, choice, savings and inefficiencies to our health care system.

  • Barack: The Middle East is obviously an issue that has plagued the region for centuries.

  • Barack Obama: (on the Israel/Palestinian situation) The United States believes that negotiations should result in two states, with permanent Palestinian borders with Israel, Jordan, and Egypt, and permanent Israeli borders with Palestine. The borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps, so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states.

  • Barack Obama: My grandparents served during World War II. He was a soldier in Patton's army; she was a worker on a bomber assembly line. And together, they shared the optimism of a nation that triumphed over the Great Depression and over fascism. They believed in an America where hard work paid off, and responsibility was rewarded, and anyone could make it if they matter who you were, no matter where you came from, no matter how you started out.

  • Barack Obama: Hope...Hope in the face of difficulty. Hope in the face of uncertainty. The audacity of hope! In the end, that is God's greatest gift to us, the bedrock of this nation.

  • Barack Obama: What Washington needs is adult supervision.

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  • In 2008, Obama lost the WV Democratic primary to Hilary Clinton. In 2012, Obama won the primary but 42% of the vote went to Keith Judd who was a convict in Beaumont Federal Correctional Institution in Beaumont, Texas.

  • Barack won the 2008 United States Presidential Election. He received 69,297,997 votes.

  • Men's magazine GQ, named Barack one of it's Men of the Year in 2008. He shared the distinction with Michael Phelps, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Jon Hamm.

  • Barack was named Time magazine's Man of the Year in 2008.

  • Barack was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009.

  • Barack Obama's shoe size is 13 1/2.

  • "Blessed by God" is the Arabic translation of Obama's first name.

  • Barack Obama enjoys reading the Harry Potter series. He has read every single one of them.

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