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  • (About shooting the season finale of Northern Exposure, 3.23 Cicely) Barry Corbin: They may put me on horseback the whole time, Which would be fine with me.

  • Barry Corbin: Somewhere in the back of my mind I figured I couldn't compete in films until I was older. At 25, you don't come out and try to replace Walter Brennan.

  • (About being named after James M. Barrie - Author of Peter Pan) Barry Corbin: I never could get my mother to tell me why.

  • (About his character Maurice on Northern Exposure) Barry Corbin: The only thing Maurice is afraid of is himself, If you took away his shell he'd be a quivering mass of ganglia.

  • (About his character Maurice on Northern Exposure) Barry Corbin: As I explored the character I discovered we share almost nothing in common.

  • (About being without his own horse on the set of Northern Exposure) Barry Corbin: Kinda like going over to Wimbledon without your tennis shoes or your racket.

  • Barry Corbin: Maurice is a fascinating character, and the writing managed to stay at a high level most of the time. I was not unhappy I signed that seven-year contract. Anyway, it was nice to have a regular job for a change. That's the upside. The downside is that there was no time to do anything else. I wished I had some time to do other work, but for the most part, I was having a good time.

  • Barry Corbin: I love doing pilots, but frankly, I'm not that crazy about signing up for series work. What usually happens is that the series ends up repeating what you did in the pilot. That's not only boring but it's artistic suicide. You do the same character over and over again and the perception becomes that's all you can do. Before long, the perception becomes truth. That's all you can do. To prevent that, you'd better be very careful about what seven-year contracts you sign.

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  • Barry was nominated in 1995 for a SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series for Northern Exposure.

  • Because of his full time working schedule on "Northern Exposure", Barry barely had time to work on other projects, however, he managed to make two made-for-TV westerns in between, "Siringo", and a successful TNT's production called "Conagher".

  • Barry starred in a TV series called Boone which also stared fellow Northern Exposure cast member Janine Turner (Maggie O'Connell.

  • On the hit TV series Dallas Barry played a recurring character between 1979 and 1984, "Sheriff Fenton Washburn." The producers needed to find someone that was tough enough to stand up to J.R. Ewing and the rest.

  • Barry began his career as a Shakespearean actor in the 1960's.

  • While many of Barry's films have been westerns, his proficiency in the saddle is no act. Much of his spare time is spent riding on his small Texas ranch, and he has volunteered his time to charity rodeos for many years.

  • For Barry's role as Maurice Minnifield in Northern Exposure he recieved a Emmy nomination.

  • The Texas native is noted for his portrayals of policemen, soldiers, and father figures.

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