Beau Bridges

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  • He appeared in two productions with his father Lloyd Bridges in which he played the son of his father's character, a retired colonel, whose first name was never revealed: The Outer Limits episodes "The Sandkings (1)" and "The Sandkings (2)" and Meeting Daddy. His son, Dylan, also guest starred in the two Outer Limits episodes.

  • His younger brother, Gary (b. 1947), died of sudden infant death syndrome.

  • He directed, and starred alongside, his father Lloyd Bridges, his mother Dorothy Dean Bridges, his brother Jeff Bridges and his son Jordan Bridges in The Thanksgiving Promise.

  • His first film was No Minor Vices in 1948 when he was seven years old.

  • He wanted to be a basketball star, however, he played his freshmen year at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and later transferred to the University of Hawai`i. Realising his height (5"10') was holding him back from excelling in basketball, however, he dropped out of school to continue acting instead.

  • His father, Lloyd Bridges, played Commander Cain in the Battlestar Galactica (1978) episodes "The Living Legend (1)" and "The Living Legend (2)". He currently stars in Stargate SG-1 which airs on the Sci-Fi Channel on Friday nights, opposite the remake Battlestar Galactica (2003).

  • He is especially active as president of an environmental group Ventura Coast Keeper in California. He is pushing state to buy and preserve 265 acres of wetlands near Oxnard now sought by Occidental Petroleum Corp.

  • His birth name is Lloyd Vernet Bridges III. His parents immediately started calling him "Beau" after Ashley Wilkes' son in Gone with the Wind, a book they were reading at the time.

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