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  • Ben: (About his first acting job, which was a commercial for a drugstore) All I had to do was sit in a pool and smile.

  • Ben: (When asked in 2008 if politics is his future) My heart is in acting, but never say never.

  • Ben: (on his character in "Palo Alto") The character I play, Patrick, is basically Mr. I-Have-To-Be-Perfect. He always has a plan, he always wants to know exactly what to do with his life and he wants to marry his high school girlfriend. He has a set track and basically it all gets thrown into chaos on this one night. It’s a real interesting thing to see.

  • Ben: I think the key is that nothing’s ever perfect and you’ve got to be able to go with change. It’s a lot easier said then done because I especially like things very structured and I don’t like change, but it’s part of life; you’ve got to just deal with it.

  • Ben: A lot of the problems teenagers go through, it's better for them to go through them on their own. If you always have a crutch, you don't learn anything.

  • Ben: I'm inspired by music. Sometimes more than I want to be.

Trivia (26)

  • In 1995, Ben was a presenter at the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards.

  • In 2006, it was erroneously reported that Ben had been killed in a hit-and-run accident, but the hoax was revealed when Ben's manager assured the public that the story was not true.

  • Ben has been nominated for numerous awards for his work on Boy Meets World. He won the 2000 Kids Choice Award for "Favorite Television Friends" which he shared with Rider Strong. In 1998, he was nominated for a Youngstar Award for "Best Performance by a Young Actor in a Comedy TV Series" for Boy Meets World. In 1990, he was nominated for a Young Artist Award for "Best Young Actor Starring in a Motion Picture" for Little Monsters. In 1994, 1997 and 1998 Ben was nominated for Young Artists Awards for "Best Performance in a TV Comedy - Leading Young Actor" for Boy Meets World.

  • Ben was one of two Boy Meets World stars to appear in all 158 of the show's episodes. The other actor was Rider Strong.

  • Ben's favorite actors include Nicholas Cage, Albert Brooks and Paul Newman.

  • Ben has volunteered for the Elisabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation in his free time.

  • Ben is a big Bruce Springsteen fan. One summer, he and his father traveled the U.S., following Springsteen on his tour.

  • In his free time, Ben enjoys listening to music and reading.

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