Beth Smith Chapman

Trivia and Quotes

Quotes (2)

  • Beth: (in regards to the first time she met Duane) Oh yes. He will be mine.

  • Beth: Life is all about second chances.

Trivia (12)

  • Beth is known for working with Granville Lee, the first black bondsman in Denver.

  • Beth grew up in a large family, being the youngest of six children.

  • Beth held a legislative position with the Bail Association, which helped her get the bail laws re-written in Colorado.

  • For five years Beth worked as a night club singer, with The Glass Menagerie.

  • Beth was a member of National Jump Rope Team, The Skipit’s.

  • Beth, at the age of 18, started in politics by working for Colorado State Senator Don Sandoval.

  • As a teenager Beth worked as an Inventory Control Clerk for a large car dealership.

  • As a child Beth won many medals for gymnastics and ice skating.

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