Betsey Johnson

Trivia and Quotes

Quotes (1)

  • Betsey: Making clothes involves what I like... color, pattern, shape and movement... I like the everyday process... the people, the pressure, the surprise of seeing the work come alive walking and dancing around on strangers. Like red lipstick on the mouth, my products wake up and brighten and bring the wearer to life...drawing attention to her beauty and specialness... her moods and movements... her dreams and fantasies

Trivia (4)

  • Betsey's store is located in 2652 Long Beach Avenue in Los Angeles. Her phone number is (800) 4076001.

  • In 2003, Betsey bought a little hotel in Mexico which she called "Betseyville," and uses it as a vacation house.

  • In 1969, she opened a new store called Betsey Bunki Nini.

  • Betsey won The Timeless Talent Award in 1999 (which was created especially for her) in recognition to her influence on fashion.