Bill Kurtis

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  • Mr. Kurtis invests most of his spare time into a little town called Sedan, Kansas. He has recently been purchasing land and historical buildings in an attempt to attract tourism.

  • Mr. Kurtis and local investors own KIND Radio 1010 AM in Independence, Kansas. It is the station at which Mr. Kurtis began his career.

  • Mr. Kurtis' sister is Sen. Jean Schodorf (R), a Kansas State senator.

  • Bill Kurtis: I was 10,000 feet up, surrounded by the beauty and majesty and mystery of the Himalayas, and all I could think about was how the opening of the doughnut store went.

  • In 1999, Bill Kurtis and Kurtis Productions received the ACS Public Affairs Award. The award recognizes those involved in science and public policy issues.

  • Mr. Kurtis narrated the companion CD for "We Interrupt This Broadcast: The Events That Stopped Our Lives". A book that covers the major newsworthy events of the past century.

  • In 1966, Mr. Kurtis passed the Kansas State Bar Exam.

  • Bill Kurtis: I think I'm a nice guy with a calm, easygoing personality. But as an employer, I actually achieved a kind of Zen position, where you realize your reactions or actions--your style of leadership--can often dictate the reactions of others to you. I want to encourage people to come tell me things, and I'm not going to encourage them if I chew them out or lose my temper, because they won't want to be in my presence. So it's almost a meditative calmness in which you control your temper, you're serious but not a pushover.

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