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  • Bill Maher: But when you look at the list of liberals who are active in politics, if not running. Barbra Streisand, Sean Penn, Warren Beatty, Springsteen, Spielberg...And then you look at the conservatives, it's like Chuck Norris, Bo Derek and the Gatlin Brothers. I don't know if being liberal makes you more right, but it does seem like it makes you more talented.

  • Bill Maher: You know what I don't understand? Why does the military love Bush? I never understand. It's such a dysfunctional, abusive relationship. It's like a husband who beats up his wife, and she comes back for more. This guy is not good to the troops. He doesn't give them the armor they need. He doesn't send them where they should be fighting. I don't get it.

  • Bill Maher: Don't you think that being a person of faith has become a third rail in American politics? If you want to run for president nowadays, you'd better get out there and say you're a very faith-based person.

  • (About Pres. Bush)
    Bill Maher: He was saying that we have to secure our borders, and that it's not right to prosper in America and not learn to speak English. But enough about him.

  • Bill Maher: The President's mother, Barbara Bush, donated tax-deductible money to the Katrina Relief after the flood. And now we find out that it was with specific instructions that the money be spent for educational software owned by her son Neil. Because who can forget those tragic images of the poor black people on rooftops in New Orleans holding up signs that said, "Send Educational Software?"

  • Bill Maher: I see we had a big operation - "Swarmer" - this week. There just seems to be these big operations where we take back a town that the insurgents have. But then, of course, we don't have enough troops to hold that town. So the insurgents scatter and it looks like a big "Whack-a-Mole" game.

  • (About Chile's new president)
    Bill Maher: Michelle Bachelet is her name... She is a single mother, a socialist and an agnostic. In this country not only could she not be elected president, but her phone would be tapped by the FBI.

  • Bill Maher: That Dubai ports deal finally died. We have a lot of ports here in L.A. We care about this. And port security will go back to being handled by the same people who were handling it before: nobody.

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  • In 2014, Bill won an Emmy Award forĀ Outstanding Informational Series or Special in his work onĀ Vice.

  • Bill is very critical of teachers' unions, despite the fact that his sister is a teacher.

  • Bill's mother was an army veteran, serving as a nurse in WWII.

  • Bill has won two CableAce awards, in 1995 and 1996 for his show "Politically Incorrect."

  • Bill blogs regularly at "The Huffington Post", a popular Internet website run by Ariana Huffington.

  • Bill graduated from Cornell University with an English major.

  • Bill Maher is the host of "Amazon Fishbowl", a series of interviews with writers, musicians and actors etc. The show is only available on Amazon's web site.

  • For three years, Bill Maher drove a Toyota Prius, which was the world's first commercially mass-produced hybrid car. He now drives a Lexus RX 400h hybrid (also known as the Toyota Harrier Hybrid in Japan).

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