Billie Joe Armstrong

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  • Billie: Honesty is the best part of any art form. If you don't have that, your kidding yourself and your listener.

  • Billie: I'm the greatest guitar player in the world! I can play ****ing Heavy Metal god dammit!

  • Billie: I'm just the same idiot from Rodeo, CA that I was before Dookie came out. So if you see me in the street, come by and say hi. I guarantee you I'll say hi back.

  • Billie: We [Green Day] can play anywhere at anytime.

  • Billie: One day we'll [Green Day] either get kicked in the face, or get handed a big gold record. Either way it's going to be really shocking.

  • Billie: There is not a band you can mention that we haven't kicked their ass at one time or another.

  • Billie: History will tell if we were really a good band or just a one day fly.

  • Billie: Do I want to change the world with music? Well heck yeah I want to change the world to a certain extent yeah. It needs to be needs a kick in the ass.

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Trivia (44)

  • Billie Joe was in the newspaper as a kid after he he recorded "Look for Love".

  • Billie Joe use to be a vegetarian but he he gave up because he was losing too much weight.

  • Billie Joe doesn't like Eminem.

  • Billie Joe played football for John Swett High School in Crockett, CA.

  • Billie uses Jhirmack Styling Spritz to get his hair good and crunchy.

  • Billie has a guitar made with different parts called Frankenstein.

  • On the "1,000 Hours" record they spell Billie's name as "Billy".

  • Billie Joe when talking about future plans said he would become a soccer team coach.

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