Bing Crosby

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  • Bing: Come on in. It's a bit fresh out there. We may be getting ourselves a bit of a soak.

  • Bing: My golf is woeful, but I will never surrender.

  • Bing: (when asked what his epitaph should read) He was an average guy who could carry a tune.

  • Bing: There is nothing in the world I wouldn't do for Hope, and there is nothing he wouldn't do for me ... We spend our lives doing nothing for each other.

  • Bing: I think popular music in this country is one of the few things in the twentieth century that have made giant strides in reverse.

Trivia (29)

  • In 1945, Bing won an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role playing Father Chuck O'Malley on Going My Way.

  • Bing was the first performer ever to pre-record a radio show on magnetic tape, and was instrumental in the development of taped programming. After choosing to record his radio show for delayed broadcast, he had to find a better way to record than on discs. Bing hired a company that was pioneering an advanced recording techonology and invested $50,000 of his own money in the new Ampax tape recorders.

  • After announcing that he wanted to pre-record his radio program, NBC sued Bing Crosby. Bing won the suit and quit radio for a year before taking his program to ABC.

  • At the end of World War II a poll voted Bing Crosby as the person who did the most to boost wartime morale.

  • Bing left his CBS radio program to host the Kraft Music Hall radio program for NBC.

  • Bing never learned to read music, but he could memorize a song after hearing it only once.

  • Bing won many medals in swimming competitions during his school days.

  • According to the US Census, as of 2008 Bing's recording of White Christmas is the biggest selling single of all time.

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