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11/21/1965, Reykjavik, Iceland

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  • Björk Guðmundsdóttir was born on November 21st, 1965, in Reykjavík, Iceland. Björk is a singer/songwriter and composer from Iceland, with interest in musical genres such as pop, trip hop, alternative rock, jazz, ambient music, electronica, folk, and classical music.

    Björk began her music career when she studied cal piano in elementary school, at age eleven. Her instructor submitted a recording of Björk's singing to Iceland's sole radio station, where it was aired nationally.
    In 1979, Björk was fourteen, and had formed an all-girl punk band called Spit and Snot. This was quickly followed by a jazz fusion assembly called Exodus. In 1981, Björk and bassist Jakob Magnússon formed a third band called Jam-80, which turned into Tappi Tíkarrass (a rude, Icelandic saying). Tappi Tíkarrass released an extended single and an album in 1983.

    Björk collaborated with members of bands Purrkur Pillnikk and Þeyr, forming the sextet KUKL (sorcery), to perform goth music. It was at this juncture where Björk began to develop one of her trademarks of howling and shrieking during songs.

    KUKL toured Iceland with the anarchist UK punk band Crass, and visited the UK for performances with Flux of Pink Indians. KUKL produced two albums with label Crass Records, in 1984 and 1986. Eventually, several members left to form Pukl, which later became The Sugarcubes.

    The Sugarcubes quickly became a hit in the UK, developing a cult following in both the US and the UK. The band signed with UK label One Little Indian, and US label Elektra Records, before recording their 1988 album "Life's Too Good". Björk had other projects on the side, including working with the Icelandic bebop group Trio Guðmundar Ingólfssonar, and the English dance outfit 808 State.

    In 1992, after tension between Björk and the Sugarcubes' member Einar Örn, the band broke up. Björk moved to london, and worked with producer Nellee Hooper on her solo, 1993's "Debut". It won album of the year by NME, and went platnium in the US. Ever since, Björk has been recording her own albums, and playing to packed venues.

    Björk has collaborated with David Arnold, Tricky, Plaid, and wrote the song 'Bedtime Story' for Madonna. Björk herself has appeared on film, in such movies as The Juniper Tree, Dancer in the Dark, and Drawing Restraint 9.

    Together, Björk and her partner, contemporary media artist Matthew Barney have a daughter named Isadora, four as of Fall 2006. Björk and The Sugarcubes bandmate Þór Eldon also have a son, named Sindri Þórsson, who turns twenty in Summer 2006.

    Björk Partial Discography: 1977's "Björk", 1993's "Debut", 1995's "Post", 1997's "Homogenic", 2001's "Vespertine", and 2004's "Medúlla".moreless

    Birth Name:

    Björk Guðmundsdóttir



    Birth Place:

    Reykjavik, Iceland

    Also Known As

    Björk Guthmundsdóttir, Icelandic Singer/Songwriter and Composer, Björk Gudmundsdottir, Bjork

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    • Björk: People think I'm some sort of strange teletubby.

    • Björk: In Iceland I get tourists that walk up to me and poke me with their finger like they've just bought a trip to Disneyland and they met Donald Duck. They totally don't treat me like a human being.

    • Björk: All we had ever heard about record company people was that they were vampires and criminals and they killed Elvis Presley.

    • Björk: I have always had a thing about washing machines. When I'm on tour I go to laundrettes. They are very therapeutic. Also, they are great places to be creative in.

    • Björk: I've always been happy, silly, sad, boring, furious, ecstatic, in love, the whole scale, all at the same time. It doesnt make me unhappy, if you see what I mean.

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    • Rasputina made fun of Björk in their song "PJ + Matthew and Vincent + Björk".

    • Björk's music video for "It's Oh So Quiet" was ranked #50 on VH1's 100 Greatest Videos.

    • Björk won the 1994 Brit Award for International Female.

    • Björk is the inspiration for MAD TV character, Miss Swan.

    • BBC named Björk "the world's most eccentric star" in a poll in January 2006.

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