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  • Bob: (regarding his role on 'The Many Lives of Dobie Gillis') Playing a character like Maynard was an actor's dream come true. He was mine to create. Sounds a bit like Frankenstein, but it was true. There was no stereotype to base the character on, like the "boy next door" or "typical teenager."

  • Bob: (in 1993) I've been Gilligan for almost thirty years. People are always asking me, "Does it bother you?" Absolutely not. The only thing that is annoying is that none of the cast of castaways makes any money from reruns. We were paid off in two years! But in 1963, no one could have seen the syndication market. By the early eighties, I had estimated that the show [Gilligan's Island] had grossed over a billion dollars, and it keeps rolling in. But the past is the past, and you let go. But boy could I use a billion bucks!

  • Bob: (regarding the sitcom 'The Many Lives of Dobie Gillis'in which he was a cast member) I always thought that the series was a burlesque of American family: a son whose whole life was chasing girls, a father who was going to kill him one day, a mother who was too sweet and good to be true, and a best friend who was the only beatnik in a ten-state area.

  • Bob: (about the character he portrayed on 'Gilligan's Island') I've heard [Gilligan called] schlepp, nerd, you know, I've heard all those. He's just a catalyst... He always screwed up the rescues, you know –that's what kids loved the best– and a lot of times it wasn't his fault... It was the circumstances, and I think a lot of kids understood that because they get blamed for stuff they didn't do... A lot of kids tell me that. They just like him because, you know, they feel superior to him. They also identify with him because he gets picked on. There are a lot of shows where he left to live in a cave because he couldn't stand it.

  • Bob: (talking about Alan Hale Jr., his co-star on "Gilligan's Island") He was a big, lovable man who made everybody feel good. He had a great time with his life.

  • Bob: (referring to his character Gilligan) People thank me for giving them a break from life.

  • Bob: (when asked about his many hats on "Gilligan's Island") (laughs) I have two hats left from that series. That's all I have left.

  • Bob: (talking about the stereotypes of the characters he normally plays) No, no. They were leaning toward nebbish. They weren't terribly dumb, but they weren't terribly bright.

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  • During the series, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, a rumor started that Bob as his Dobie Gillis character, Maynard G. Krebs, had recorded an album called Like What? Even though the event proved to have never happened, Mr. Denver had people offering him vast amounts of money for a copy of the recording. The myth continues as a faux-copy of the highly sought after collector's item, showing a picture of the so-called album cover, appeared over the Internet. The image was possibly from a CBS photo shoot, but Bob himself couldn't figure out where it came from.

  • After retirement, Bob and his wife, Dreama, lived in Princeton, West Virginia, where they co-hosted Weekend with Denver and Denver, a syndicated radio show. Fellow Gilligan's Island cast member Dawn Wells was the show's "castaway correspondent", and phoned in weekly reports.

  • After working with Dwayne "Dobie Gillis" Hickman on 142 episodes of the CBS sitcom The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, which spanned four years, Bob and his wife, Dreama, remained close friends with Hickman and his wife, Joan.

  • Gilligan's Island creator Sherwood Schwartz's first choice to fill the role of Gilligan was comedic actor Jerry Van D y k e. When Van D y k e adamantly turned it down, Bob was offered the part.

  • In 1998, Bob was arrested when he signed for a FedEx delivery of 30 grams of marijuana. Police spent more than two hours searching his home and reportedly confiscated two marijuana pipes and several more grams of pot. Reports at the time suggested that Denver's Gilligan's Island co-star, Dawn Wells, had arranged the shipment, his checkbook included several suspicious payments to Wells, and prosecutors were pressuring him to name Wells as his supplier. Instead, Bob testified that "some crazy fan must have sent it." He was given six months probation.

  • When the Twentieth Century-Fox producers of The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis approached Bob, offering him an audition opportunity for the role of Maynard G. Krebs, he was more excited about receiving a drive-on studio pass that would allow him to explore the various sets erected on the back lots, than the possibility of securing acting employment.

  • As an active participant against the Russian invasion of Hungary, Bob marched in protest around City Hall in Los Angeles, California during the years he attended college.

  • Bob got his start in television when his studio-employed sister, Helen, tacked his name onto a list of actors a Twentieth Century-Fox producer was interviewing for a possible part in a pilot. After having screened nearly a thousand Maynard G. Krebs wannabes, the producer hired Denver, the last actor to audition for the role to be portrayed on the 1959-1963 sitcom, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.

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