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  • Bonnie Tyler: I've been around for such a long time. My first hit record was over 20 years ago and the people who bought my records then are married now and they probably still play these records and their children like them.

  • Bonnie Tyler: I love Tina Turner. I'm one of Tina Turner's biggest fans. Tina Turner was a big influence on me to become a singer. A role model and in a way she gave me back my confidence in choosing my material.

Trivia (24)

  • Bonnie's smash hit, "Total Eclipse of The Heart", was covered by Westlife and was released in March 2007.

  • Bonnie's first stage name, during the time she was in the Bobby Wayne & The Dixies group, was Sherene Davies - her niece name.

  • Bonnie's Chinese Astrology sign is Rabbit - a papular and attractive person, who gives a lot to a relationship, and when gets off-balance - gets back to place by the love of his family and friends.

  • Bonnie's Sun Astrology sign is Gemini.

  • Bonnie's husband, Robert Sullivan, is the cousin of David Jones, Catherine Zeta-Jones's father.

  • Bonnie's biggest smash hit was Total Eclipse Of The Heart, in 1983. It was ranked #1 in UK, US, France, South Africa, Norway, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Ireland, and succeeded all around the world, selling 6 million copies.

  • Bonnie's hit song Holding Out For A Hero, was featured on the movie Footloose's soundtrack.

  • Bonnie has recorded a duet with French singer Kareen Antonn, Si Demain, a French cover for Holding Our For A Hero. It was released on January 2004, and was ranked #1 in France, Belgium, and Poland, selling more than million copies all over Europe.

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