Boris Karloff

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  • (After filming "Frankenstein 1970" in 1958.) Karloff: I'll never play the monster again because I have sentimental affection for the character. I owe him so much that I owe him a little respect, a little rest.

  • Boris Karloff (on his appeal to children, who empathized with the monster): I don't really scare them any more than do Jungle Jim, Dan Dunn, Tarzan, and the other heroes of the comic sections.

  • Boris Karloff: My wife has good taste. She has seen very few of my movies.

  • Boris Karloff: When I was nine I played the demon king in Cinderella and it launched me on a long and happy life of being a monster.

  • Boris Karloff (On whether or not he resented being typed as a "horror star): One always hears of actors complaining of being typed - if he's young, he's typed as a juvenile; if he's handsome, he's typed as a leading man. I was lucky. Whereas bootmakers have to spend millions to establish a trademark, I was handed a trademark free of charge. When an actor gets in a position to select his own roles, he's in big trouble, for he never knows what he can do best. I'm sure I'd be damn good as little Lord Fauntleroy, but who would pay ten cents to see it?

Trivia (40)

  • After his death, Boris was cremated, following a requested low-key service, at Guildford Crematorium, Godalming, Surrey, where he is commemorated by a plaque in the Garden of Remembrance. A memorial service was held at St. Paul's, Covent Garden (The Actors' Church), London, where there is also a plaque.

  • Boris lived out his final years at his appropriately named cottage, 'Roundabout,' in the Hampshire village of Bramshott back in his home country of England.

  • Boris was known in real life as a very kindly gentleman who gave generously especially to children's charities.

  • Boris wasn't called to fight in WWI due to health reasons.

  • Boris once lived in Minot, North Dakota for a year, performing in an opera house above a hardware store.

  • Boris often claimed Russian ancestry to explain his exotic looks, though his daughter Sara Karloff publicly denied any knowledge of Slavic forebears.

  • Boris' maternal grandmother was Eliza Julia Edwards, a sister of Anna Leonowens, whose stories about life in the royal court of Siam (now Thailand) were the basis of the musical The King and I.

  • Boris was the son of Edward John Pratt Jr, the Deputy Commissioner of Customs, Salt and Opium, Northern Division, Indian Salt Revenue Service, and his third wife, Eliza Sarah Millard.

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