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  • Brendon: (about his show Metalocalypse) The show is basically about a (half-American/half Norwegian) metal band that is about a million times bigger than the Beatles, but a million times more dangerous and a millions times more stupid. This show promises violent murder. Violent, violent murder. And metal.

  • Brendon: (about pitching his new show, Metalocalypse) We're treating the marketing of this show like you would a band, it's like we're a band with a record deal all of a sudden. I want to try and get a five-song EP put out.

  • Brendon: The biggest critic of the show was me. I'm my own worst critic, but looking back, I'm very proud of Home Movies.

  • Brendon: TV is like a really awesome temp job, it has a 'you don't know when you're not working again' mentality.

  • Brendon: (discussing Home Movies) Our show never got good ratings at all; while we were in production, I didn't think anyone was watching it at all. I knew some people were watching it; but it was one of those shows that you really have to learn how to watch. I love subtle humor and Home Movies was a great place to have subtlety.

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  • On 2004, Brendon wrote, starred and produced The Thor von Clemson Advanced Fast-Hand Finger Wizard Master Class, a short film about an guitar course.

  • Brendon recently had a guest appearance on the premiere episode "Meet Killface" of the new Adult Swim animated series Frisky Dingo, by the same team who produced Sealab 2021, as the USC Film School alumni twins Trent and Brent who were blown in half by the supervillain Killface.

  • Brendon starred in the two minute comedy film short, New Apartment. He plays the new tenant who moves into a new apartment and finds a number of strange things left behind by the previous tenant.

  • Brendon played the role of a priest on Comedy Central's series, Reno 911! in the episodes "Raineesha X" and "Not Without My Mustache".

  • Brendon played the part of a Red Sox fan in Comedy Central's Last Laugh '04.

  • Brendon's original song, "Don't Put Marbles In Your Nose," appearing in an episode of his show, Home Movies is a parody of the song, "Don't Kick Slayers Off The Air" by DJ Kaito.

  • When asked which project he felt didn't live up to what he had envisioned, Brendon replied, "My abs".

  • Brendon's fictional band Dethklok, from his show, Metalocalypse, is being endorsed by major companies like Gibson Guitars, Krank Amplifiers, Dunlop Products and Cry Baby Wah-Wah Pedals.

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