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  • Brian: (On working with Christopher Walken in the movie Domino) He's such a great actor to watch, because once he's on set, you can throw anything at him and he's just so comfortable and so sure of himself. He knows that he can do anything that you ask of him and so it shows. He's really dedicated when he's on set and it's surreal to be on set with somebody that I've seen in all these films and seen host Saturday Night Live numerous times. He's hysterical doing absolutely nothing. Just sitting still he makes me laugh. He's great. He's a really interesting character.

  • Brian: (on staying for the entire 10 years of Beverly Hills, 90210)I think at the end of the day, the show was huge and we all faced the task of having to show people that we can play other characters. It's what it would have been whether I was there for three years or ten. The only difference is because I was there for ten years, I made more money. Dude, by the end I was like, 'Hell yeah I'll do season ten, I'm finally making great money!'

  • Brian Austin Green: I like women who are really strong and were brought up to be comfortable with themselves and respect themselves.

  • Brian Austin Green: My name is Brian Green by birth. Austin was made up by my parents when I was nine, because there was another Brian Green in the Screen Actors Guild.

Trivia (27)

  • Brian has appeared in commercials for Kellogs Corn Pops and Eggo Muffins.

  • Brian is of Scottish, Cherokee Indian, Hungarian, and Irish descent.

  • Brian is a huge fan of the Star Wars movies. Though he is more of a movie person, Brian likes the shows Battlestar Galactica and Three's Company.

  • Brian dated and lived with Tiffani Thiessen. [1992-1995]

  • In 2001 he was engaged to Beverly Hills, 90210 co-star Vanessa Marcil and the couple had a son named Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green, born on March 30, 2002.

  • Brian had the distinction of being the only leading actor on Beverly Hills, 90210 to actually be of high school age when production started.

  • Brian was #39 on VH1's "Least Hip Hop Moments" for his debut rap album "One Stop Carnival".

  • Brian starred in the show Freddie as Chris, it premiered on October 12th, 2005 and last aired on May 31st, 2006.

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