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  • Brian Boitano: (Asked if the creators of the movie South Park: Bigger, Larger, and Uncut had to get his permission to use the song "What Would Brian Boitano Do?" in the film) No. In fact a few years later I had to ask for their permission. When I first heard about the song, I thought 'Oh, no...' knowing how they parody other celebrities, so I ran right out and got the cd. I listened to it and thought, 'Wow, that's not bad at all, its kinda nice, I guess they like me.' A few years later I wanted to sell some t-shirts to help raise money for charity and wanted to print 'What Would Brain Bonitano Do?' on them. I contacted the writers and got their permission to use my own name.

Trivia (9)

  • Brian was in the audience of two tapings of Dancing with the Stars during the sixth season, to support friend and fellow figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi.

  • In June 2008, Brian was inducted into the USOC Hall of Fame.

  • Brian is good friends with fellow figure skater Dorothy Hamill.

  • In 2000, Brian was nominated for an Emmy Award (along with Marguerite Pomerhn Derricks) in the category of Outstanding Choreography for the 1999 television program Ice Wars 6.

  • In 1981, Brian graduated from Peterson High School in Sunnyvale, California.

  • In 1990, Brian won the Emmy in the category of Outstanding Performance in Classical Music/Dance Programming for his work on the 1990 television movie Carmen on Ice.

  • Brian's former figure skating coaches are Linda Leaver and Sandra Bezic.

  • In 1982, Brian became the first American to land a triple axel.

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