Brian Malarkey

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Judge/Coach on The Taste


9/26/1972, Portland, Oregon

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  • Residing in San Diego, but a native of Oregon, cooking seafood is like breathing air for Brian Malarkey. A graduate of Western Culinary Institute, Le Cordon Bleu Program, in Portland, he then apprenticed under Executive Chef Michael Richard at Citrus, before taking time to travel Europe and Northern Africa to sample the cuisines firsthand. Now an executive chef himself at The Oceanaire Seafood Room, his work has garnered local awards for his restaurant, two invitations to participate in events at James Beard House and he was recently named 2007's Best Chef in San Diego.



    Birth Place:

    Portland, Oregon

    Also Known As

    Brian H. Malarkey

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    • Brian: I don't back down. I go for it, put myself out there, and see how it turns out!

    • Brian: (on "Top Chef") We were seriously isolated from the world. We didn't do anything in Miami. I felt like one of those little kids in the first grade who is tied onto a rope to walk down the street.

    • Brian: (about being criticized on "Top Chef") I took the criticism as some information and used it as a learning life experience. It was 'a grain of salt thing' to pick on me; the drama of the show. The judges like to focus on the bad because the final part is always about who is getting kicked off.

    • Brian: My whole philosophy in cooking is to put the best product on the plate. When I go to the market, the best looking thing there is what I'm going to cook.

    • Brian: (on his least favorite fellow "Top Chef" contestant) I didn't like Micah - the one who dissed ketchup - from the get-go. Supposedly, she was from South Africa, but her accent was different every day. Later, we found out she was from Massachusetts.

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    • Brian has one brother named Palmer, and the two boys were raised by their mother as a single parent.

    • In October of 2007, Brian was added to the list of Top Chef alumni who have a blog at the Bravo website. His main topic is seafood, but he discusses other subject as well. He also blogs on the weekly episode of Top Chef season four.

    • A seafood chef in his regular life, Brian was noted for his constant use of seafood in the Challenges on Top Chef, but he surprisingly failed to execute a trout dish in the last Quickfire Challenge in which he participated.

    • Brian was one of the four chefs to reach the finals of the third season of Top Chef in Aspen, but was cut before the last round of the competition, leaving him in fourth place. He was, however, asked to be a part of the Judges' panel tasting the ultimate Challenge's dishes made by the remaining three chefs.

    • Brian says that his closest friend from season 3 of Top Chef is C.J., calling him a "best friend for life." He also became close with Casey, Hung, and Dale.

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