Brooke White

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Herself - Judge on Miss America Pageant


6/2/1983, Mesa, Arizona, U.S.

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  • Brooke White was born on June 2, 1983 at Mesa, AZ but now resides in Hollywood, CA. She has worked as a nanny in the past and was also part of a band where she fronted. Prior to "American Idol," she released an album in 2006 entitled "Songs From the Attic."

    She auditioned for the seventh season of "American Idol" with the audition number 66122 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she sang Corinne Bailey Rae's "Like a Star." She is part of the top 12.

    Birth Name:

    Brooke Elizabeth White



    Birth Place:

    Mesa, Arizona, U.S.

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    • Brooke: (on when she would cut her husband's hair considering he pledged to never cut it until she left "American Idol") He just said "whenever you get around to it." So, yeah, I'll be the one cutting it but I'm not sure when that's going to happen. We'll have to pencil it in there sometime. I'm sure it will be at 3AM sometime.

    • Brooke: (on if the contestants of her season of "American Idol" had a leg up) The boys are awfully popular this year and I know that because their fan mail came in great, humongous stacks and the girls got like three a day. You know, the boys are very talented and very charming -- oh, to be a boy this year. It probably would have been helpful [laughs]. They're great, but so were the girls. You know I gotta give them all props, they've all been so good.

    • Brooke: (on what she was planning to sing for rock 'n' roll week on "American Idol") I was thinking of singing 'Help Me' by Joni Mitchell. Love her. I spoke to Carly Simon on the phone this morning during an interview. It was amazing. She was incredibly supportive. She was very generous in her comments. It really gave me inspiration to go in the direction I'm going -- the singer/songwriters of the '70s. I connect with what they do. I hope I can make that happen in 2008 in a more modern [way].

    • Brooke: (on how she felt after surviving the week when she forgot the lyrics on "American Idol") I don't know if guilt is the right word. I was grateful and this show is very interesting. The voting process is very interesting, so you never know what's going to happen. You take what you can get. I was grateful for people seeing past my mistake and I did my very best. I emotionally connected with the song and gave it everything I had.

    • Brooke: (on her reaction to Paula's judging snafu on "American Idol") You know what? It's live television, anything could happen. Last week, I stopped and restarted my song. [They're] just human moments that happen on the show. I don't know exactly what happened with Paula. But stuff happens on the show and when it's live, things can change very quickly. They kind of decided in the middle of the show to change something. And I'm sure she just kind of got lost in the moment. She's a good-hearted woman and we just move on.

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    • Since Brooke and her husband lived in Hollywood, he allowed families of the other contestants to stay at their house during the competition.

    • She was eliminated from the seventh season of American Idol on April 30, 2008, garnering 5th place.

    • If she could sing in any venue, she would sing in the Kodak Theater, the Hollywood Bowl or her living room.

    • She wish she could have met her grandpa who passed away before she was born.

    • If she had 24 hours to do whatever she wanted she would: hang out with family, play games and eat steak on a yacht.

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