Buddy Ebsen

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  • Buddy Ebsen: (on having written romance novel "Kelly's Quest at age 93") There are a lot of mes.

  • Buddy Ebsen: You get more negative reactions than positive reactions as you go through life, and the big lesson is nobody counts you out but yourself...I never have, I never will.

  • Buddy Ebsen: You take a blank piece of paper and, whatever you're thinking, you write it down. I'm very satisfied if, in my mind, it increased the value of the paper. That's what writing should do. It should increase the value of the paper.

Trivia (12)

  • Buddy had 2 daughters named Bonnie and Kiki.

  • Out of his four sisters: Helga, Norma, Vilma, and Leslie, Ebsen was the middle child.

  • Ebsen's height was 6'3½" (1.92m).

  • Ebsen owned a 36-acre ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains.

  • Ebsen was inducted into the DelMolay Hall of Fame in 1996.

  • Buddy had to give up the role of the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz due to an allergy to the silver make-up/paint that was used.

  • Footage of Ebsen as the Tin Man was included as an extra with the U.S. 50th anniversary video release of The Wizard of Oz.

  • Ebsen had surgery on June 10, 1998 to repair an aortic valve in his heart.

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