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  • Carey: I consider it a great advantage, that every job I do is like going to drama school.

  • Carey: (about role as Elsie) I could relate to her in every way.

  • Carey: The time I spent doing The Seagull was everything to me. It was like falling in love with life.

  • Carey: The only actor I had ever met in my life was Julian Fellowes, who came to do a talk at my school. I wrote to my headmistress explaining that I didn't want to go to university and wanted to get in touch with him. I knew it was a bit of a long shot, but I was desperate.

  • Carey: (about the story of My Boy Jack) As I read the script, over and over again, every time I cried.

  • Carey: (About Bleak House) When they ask Jarndyce if they can get married, he says no. Part of Ada is really still loyal to Jarndyce, because obviously he's looking after her and she's living with him, but part of her is so in love with Richard and she really does want to get married. It's horrible, though.

  • Carey: (about role as Ada Clare) I don't think that Ada has encountered many men before. I never had it in my head that she did, anyway. But when someone is thrust into your life and you see them every day, and you have to live with them, it's probably inevitable they will get on well with each other.

  • Carey(about Bleak House): The thing I noticed about it is that it seems to be really fast- moving. With a lot of costume dramas, you sit there and see a sweeping shot of a beautiful house, but it's like: 'What's happening with the story?' But this adaptation is all really quick. It's really cool.

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  • Vociferously opposed to her brother going to war.

  • Favorite book is "The Secret History" by Donna Tartt.

  • She was rejected from Drama School the first time she applied.

  • Nominated for "Best Supporting Actress in a motion picture of miniseries" for the OFTA: television awards.

  • Voted Best Guest Actress by Doctor Who Magazine readers for Blink.

  • Bleak House was Carey's first big television role.

  • When Carey learned she had received the role of Nina in the production of The Seagull she injured herself with curling tongs.

  • In June 2007 Carey became ill with appendicitis.

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