Carmen Argenziano

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  • Carmen Argenziano: Journeyman actors don't usually have a kind of regular working situation where they're employed on a regular basis. And Stargate offered that to me, and I'm forever grateful.

  • Carmen Argenziano: (about working on the set of "Stargate") It was all fun. Michael and Chris, we had so much fun on the set, as well as enjoying what we were doing creatively. I think Richard's sense of humor helped, and Chris and Michael - it was always up. It was always a pleasure to come to Vancouver and to do the show and be creative with wonderfully entertaining people.

Trivia (9)

  • Carmen is a lifetime member of the world-renowned Actor's Studio.

  • Carmen Argenziano frequently plays military or police officials.

  • Carmen Argenziano received a Drama-Lounge award for best actor for his work in Last Lucid Moment.

  • Carmen Argenziano has studied with Standford Meisner, Lee Grant, Milton Katselas, and Lee Strasberg.

  • Carmen Argenziano's stage debut was as a coffee house poet in The Hairy Falsetto in 1965.

  • Carmen Argenziano is the son of Joseph Guy, who was a restaurateur, and Elizabeth Stella.

  • Carmen Argenziano's last name is pronounced "Ar-jen-zi-ano."

  • He is 6' (1.83 m).

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