Carolyn Jones

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  • Carolyn: I love books. I've always been involved with books and I wanted to help the library in any way possible. I'm an avid reader.

Trivia (22)

  • Carolyn's favorite performers were Danny Kaye and Spike Jones.

  • Carolyn suffered from asthma as a child and wasn't able to go in to movies, but spent all of her free time reading movie magazines.

  • Carolyn specifically asked her sister to have her tombstone read "She gave joy to the world."

  • Carolyn proposed to her first husband, Aaron Spelling, by having a waiter at an Italian restaraunt bring the note with her proposal during their dinner.

  • Carolyn worked with Alfred Hitchcock in The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956).

  • Carolyn appeared as Julie Greer in the unaired 1961 TV pilot, "Amos Burke: Who Killed Julie Greer?" This episode would be the basis for Burke's Law which began in 1963.

  • Carolyn spent two hours a day in make-up for her role as Morticia, and wore a wig made of human hair.

  • Carolyn co-starred with Henry Fonda in How The West Was Won (1962).

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