Carroll O'Connor

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Quotes (2)

  • Carroll O'Connor: I have heard show business characterized as a refuge for childlike persons in flight from all things harsh and real.

  • Carroll O'Connor: (On his character, Archie Bunker) I enjoyed in every way my 12 years of playing Archie, and I wasn't personally sad about finishing a long job.

Trivia (27)

  • O'Connor had two brothers, both of whom were doctors.

  • Carroll son, Hugh O'Connor, died March 28, 1995 as a result of suicide after battling a long cocaine addiction.

  • In 1985, he starred in Home Front at the Royal Theatre in New York.

  • His first TV pilot was Luxury Liner, which wasn't picked up by NBC.

  • In 2000, he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

  • During his career, he starred in 29 movies.

  • The last movie he starred in was Return to Me.

  • Carroll passed away only 37 days before what would have been his golden wedding anniversary (50th) with Nancy Fields.

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