Catherine Bach

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  • Catherine: (on her husband Peter Lopez) Every man, until Peter, was worried about my success. Peter enjoys it

  • Catherine: I haven't been out much in the past 2 years due to being busy with my daughters.

  • Catherine Bach: The fans are fantastic!

  • Catherine: (on not being part of the 2005 Dukes movie) No one wants to feel they're retired. No one wants to feel they're not important anymore. It was hurtful not to be called.

  • Catherine: (about her driving) My husband won't let me touch his Porsche. Who could blame him? After John [Schneider] and I drop our kids off at school, we go racing down the street. One time, I was running errands, and had to drop a friend's dog off. I slowed down to let the dog out, and a cop come up behind me and says 'I hope you know I have to give you a ticket for going 104 miles an hour.' Some brands of cars ride so smooth you don't even realize how fast you're going.

  • Catherine: (about the "Dukes of Hazzard" reunion movie) Two years ago we lost Sorrell Brooke to cancer. At his funeral, the whole cast came together and reminisced about Sorrell, Boss Hogg and all the fun we had shooting the series. Right then and there, John [Schneider], Tom [Wopat] and I decided it was time to return to Hazzard and honor our pal.

  • Catherine: I thought, 'They want a Dolly Parton look-alike.' They're not gonna like me.'

Trivia (49)

  • Catherine's parents - an acupuncturist of Mexican descent, and a cowboy of German descent - divorced when she was 6 and her brother Philip was 5.

  • Catherine Bach was the star of the track team in high school.

  • Catherine Bach has a long held interest in domestic violence. She says "Its not right and its not manly" One time in a Santa Fe hotel lobby, the actress spotted a man slapping his wife. The actress leaped on the man's back, threw him to the floor, then flipped him over and smacked him one. ``Do you like that?'' she demanded. ``Did that feel good to you?'' She later reprised the incident in an episode of Skies in which she pounded on an abusive husband so fiercely that the actor wouldn't speak to her for days.

  • Catherine has blueish green eyes.

  • Catherine came back to play Daisy Duke in The Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion and The Dukes of Hazzard: Hazzard in Hollywood.

  • She moved to California in 1970 to take drama courses.

  • Catherine's first husband is Angela Lansubry's stepson.

  • Catherine met her current husband Peter Lopez at the house of Don Henly (from the eagles) when working on a enviormental project. Catherine says "I was actually engaged to somebody else and he was just a friend. Then I realised I couldn't marry the other fellow. My mother was so excited. To a Mexican mother, having a daughter interested in a Mexican lawyer, well, that was her dream. As soon as she saw him at a party, she would be like, 'Please, Peter, you're going through a divorce, sit with us.' And I said, 'Don't sit there because whoever my mother likes I hate.' Up to now we've had a nice relationship."

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