Chad Faust

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Kyle Baldwin on The 4400


7/14/1980, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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  • Donning his earthsuit for the first time on July 14, 1980, Chad began something called life. Raised in Victoria, Canada, he began exploring what the hell that meant. Still not having a clue, he dove into dark water. His explorations have included songwriting, film directing, acting, love, and long walks through unknown forests. One day, while writing a biography for himself on an Internet site he realized how ridiculous it is to sum up a life in a short collection of words, especially when it is your own. So he stopped writing and lived the life he was trying to summarize.

    Birth Name:

    Chad Faust



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    Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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    • Chad (about his rape scene with Marcus Patrick in Descent): It's funny they asked me before, what would be your greatest fear, a small guy to take you or a big guy? And I said, 'definitely a big guy and secondly if the big guy made me like it,' and that was sort of where this film ended up going is he makes me like it which is the ultimate emasculation. It wasn't so much big or small but the fact that he made me enjoy being the victim of sexual rape.

    • Chad (about Marcus Patrick playing the role of Adrian in Descent): Honestly I was picturing like John Leguizamo or something when I first read the script and then Marcus Patrick walks in and I'm like, 'Oh My God,' he's like twice the size!

    • Chad (about being stuck in a drafty, cold shooting space while filming Descent): I begged the first AD for a heater! I literally sat him down, man to man and said, 'look, I don't care about closing the set just give me heat! Please give me heat!' Yeah, it didn't happen, so I went through a complete loss of ego. I left there going, 'I have no more ego left.' I felt very lost for a moment.

    • Chad (about Descent): I definitely went through a great loss of ego shooting the film. At one point in the film where it shows me naked and I'm strapped to the bed, I had decided that in that scene my character would be turned on by the danger of what was going on. I thought it was a part of who he was. So I tried to go to the place where I was turned on by it, but it was the hardest thing to do. I have such respect for porn actors after doing that scene because I couldn't fucking get there! Ya know being in this warehouse in New York in December. I just couldn't fucking do it.

    • Chad (about working with Rosario Dawson and Talia Lugacy): We really had to create a bond of trust which I think is the reason why when I felt that I had hurt her I was so scared, because I felt that I had violated that bond of trust that we had to have to go all the places we went, and that was shot fairly early on in the schedule, so I was rally concerned that she wasn't going to feel comfortable with me after that. That's the reason I had such a reaction to that because as a professional that's one line you don't cross because you have to be able to trust each other.

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    • There was an article about him in Canadian newspaper The Province. The issue was dated June 17, 2004. It was on page B4, and it was written by Glen Schaefer.

    • He was interviewed in the August 2007 issue of TV Zone Special. He was interviewed by Steven Eramo. His interview appeared on pages 82, 83, 84, 86, and 87. The headline was "Visionary Man."

    • He will play Nick in the 2009 movie Red & Blue Marbles.

    • He didn't find it very challenging to remove his clothes in Descent, because he would always be the first to remove his clothes for art classes, or whatever the challenge would be.

    • He played a homosexual teenager in Saved!

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