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  • Charles: (about Tonya Harding) I heard Tonya Harding is calling herself the Charles Barkley of figure skating. I was going to sue her for defamation of character, but then I realized I have no character.

  • Charles: This is the most wide open I've ever seen the NBA playoffs. The only thing that would surprise me is if San Antonio and Detroit aren't in the Finals. Anything else wouldn't surprise me.

  • Charles: Every team in the Western Conference has flaws.

  • Charles: (The Wizards) are praying to play Cleveland.

  • Charles: The difference in the playoffs is you're playing against a good team every day. You're not playing one good team, then two bad, then two good ones. The one thing that I learned in my 16 years is that you might take a glimpse of tape before games, but (in the playoffs) you sit down and go over tapes every single day from game to game. . . . That's when you find out who can really play and who can really coach.

  • Charles: Where the Red Cross has helped is in determining what families get these homes, ... That's the hard part, picking who gets what.

  • Charles: I feel bad for the people who were killed, and I feel bad for the people who were injured.

  • Charles: It's something we thought about coming into the Olympics, but it's not something we thought would happen. I just feel bad for all the families involved.

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  • Charles was able to become an NBA All-Star nine times.

  • Charles totalled 23,757 points for an average of 23 points per game, and 12,546 rebounds, for an average of 11.7 rebounds per game in his career.

  • Charles had small cameo appearances in the movies Hot Shots! and Look Who's Talking Now.

  • Charles appeared in the famous movie, Space Jam, along with Michael Jordan.

  • Charles ranked #19 in SLAM magazine's Top 75 NBA Players of all time in 2003.

  • Charles made an appearance in a Nike commercial, where he fought with Godzilla.

  • Charles was picked by the Philadelphia 76ers in the 1984 NBA Draft.

  • Charles weighs 250 pounds.

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