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  • Charlotte Rae: Because of the power of television, I was visible to everybody all over the world. But there are many things in the theater that are more fulfilling and that I look forward to doing more. But really, I love it all: theater, film, television.

  • Charlotte Rae: I can't even go to Barbados without people wanting to hug me and 'Oh, Mrs. Garrett!', you know, it really had an impact on their lives.

  • Charlotte Rae: You can take wonderfully talented actors, wonderfully talented writers and producers, and, uh, do a wonderful show...but if it doesn't hit with the public in two minutes, it's bye-bye.

  • Charlotte Rae: They very seldom let me lose my cool. They made me like I was Polly Perfect, which was ridiculous so that when I bump into kids on the street they'd say 'I wish my Mom were like you.'

Trivia (24)

  • Charlotte made her debut on Broadway in the production of Three wishes for Jamie in 1952.

  • In 1944, Charlotte graduated from Shorewood High School, in Shorewood, IL.

  • Charlotte Rae stands at an even five feet tall.

  • While in college, Charlotte was a member of the Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority.

  • In 1982, Charlotte was nominated for an Emmy award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for her role in "The Facts of Life."

  • Charlotte Rae has sung "The Facts of Life" theme on two occasions, during the first season of the show and at the TVLand Awards.

  • She has played one of the few characters to leave a show to do a spinoff, but leave the show that was spun off although she did stay through most of "The Facts Of Life."

  • Charlotte Rae later married John Strauss.They had two sons, Larry, and Andrew.

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