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  • On the TV anime UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie, Chinami performed the ending theme "Save <3" along with Saeko Chiba, Rie Tanaka & Hisayo Mochizuki. On the sequel UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie 2 , Chinami helped perform the ending theme "Marble" with the same seiyuu.

  • Chinami has appeared in several popular Japanese magazines in which she has done photo shoots, interviews, news reports, etc. Some such magazines she has been featured in includes several editions of Ani Raji Grand Prix, Newtype, Seiyuu Grand Prix, Animedia and Dengeki G's Magazine.

  • Chinami has made a guest appearance at numerous special events throughout Japan including the "Kamakura Cinema World Seiyuu Special Stage" on July 26, 1997; the "Tokyo Character Show" on July 23, 2000; the "Anime Wai Wai Utagassen in Nasu Highland Park" on May 5, 2001; the "Tokyo International Anime Fair" on March 27, 2004 and the "DVD 'Aria The OVA -Arietta-' event" September 2, 2007.

  • Along with voicing the main character, Komachi Kusatsuzuki, in the 3 episode OAV Virgin Fleet, Chinami also performed the ending theme, "Go! Virgin Fleet", along with Satsuki Yukino and Sumi Shimamoto.

  • On the TV anime Seraphim Call, Chinami performed the 6th ending theme, "50% Baransuu".

  • Chinami is employed under the talent agency, 81 Produce.

  • On April 10, 1995, Chinami did a "voice bloom" interview for an article that appeared in the May 1995 issue of the Japanese Magazine, Newtype. This spread was 3 pages long and in color.

  • On the CD drama Battle Skipper, Chinami performed a song called "Earring wo Hazusu Toki" along with Yuri Shiratori and Yuko Miyamura that was used as background music.

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